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Frank KTFA Monday Night CC Notes,

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Frank KTFA Monday Night CC Notes, Recording Link and Replay #’s:

October 4th, 2011 07:01 am

107 Minutes

(Highhopes post at PTR)

Notes by Worshipgirl:

Here’s my notes on the call tonight, everyone. I think I probably missed a couple of points, but I think I got most of the important stuff! Thanks again to all of you for the very kind words to me! I am honored to be here, and honored to go together with all of you into the Presence of the Most High God! Goodnight!

KTFA CC 10-3-11

Lower denoms are where they should be, getting ready to be distributed. Rate and lower denoms would be ideally released at the same time.

Frank wants to share why we only pay attention to Shabibi. In 2001, they came and invaded us because they knew what we had done before. In 2003, we went and found the “silly rabbit in the hole”. In 2004, new currency was printed to get rid of Saddam’s face. In 2005, Shabibi comes out for the first time and says, “We’re going to bring back the IQD to what it was in the 80s and 90s when the conditions have been met.”

Everybody went nuts! Insurgents went crazy too, and robbed all the banks they could find. They ended up selling them because they were stolen, and they hadn’t realized this would get them caught when the cashed in if they used those bills they had stolen. In 2006, there was a movement pickup, and then every two weeks it continued to go up in value. Shabibi came out and said 2008 would be the investment year for Iraq.

Read More Link on Right

Shabibi had come out in 2006 and 2008 making claims that he would introduce the lower denoms. In April of 2009, Maliki stole the election. He derailed Shabibi’s whole plan. Maliki simply held everyone up…the GOI, the Iraqi citizens, everyone. He took over the media and scared the wits out of everyone. Toward the end of 2009, Forex changed their site to say the LD’s MAY be introduced that year. At the end of 2009, Maliki goes to Shabibi and tells him to go ahead and pull the trigger. Maliki decided to steal some more! And he took another year of time to do it in. What happened at the end of 2010? Shabibi tried again, but he was disappointed again. How many times has Shabibi tried to release the rate? At the beginning of 2011, Shabibi had Maliki’s signature to go ahead with a rate release. In January, Shabibi talked to the UST and the Authors of the Plan. In February, he was sitting with the Authors of the Plan, the UST, they were meeting together, etc. May was a limbo month. At the end of June, something happened. June and July, we were waiting for it to happen. Then, here comes Maliki AGAIN. He starts complaining about not being in agreement, Erbil Agreement, etc. He created confusion any way he could. In the last couple of months, Maliki has been trying to create confusion again. Complaining, lying about Shabibi, even trying to institute legal suit against Shabibi. This time, he has been met with a resounding, “GO AWAY!” Suddenly, Maliki begins to like everything again…the Erbil Agreement, the HCL, etc. He wants to play nice again. Now, we are wondering what the delay is. There is no delay. Shabibi is working with his banks right now.

Articles coming out right now are all from Shabibi, and are all good.

The rate is no longer in our control. The rate is back in Shabibi’s hand at this point.

Frank says this is fantastic to him. He also said that inflation, again, is our friend, and that inflation will trump any of the other factors in this decision to release the rate.

Inflation controls Shabibi as Shabibi controls the rate and date.

Is the vote of confidence against Maliki going to hold things up again? Frank says there is NO holdup, in his opinion. It doesn’t matter what happens with the Erbil Agreement on Wednesday. Everything is still on schedule. What is the schedule? Delta’s Team asked when, and Shabibi said right after Eid in the month of September. That would fit the time schedule given before of between July 20, 2011 and the end of the year. We are in October, which is still in that time frame. Shabibi is trying to get it done by the end of this year. Frank says that based on what his team is telling him and seeing, he believes Shabibi.

Frank’s broker has told us that the LDs are in position. Then broker told him the 50 is no longer being printed, and they are destroying it. That was the only LD they had. That is serious intel. Two weeks later, Frank’s broker said we may have trouble getting dinars out to you, because there is a problem at one of the hubs. Article came out about private jets moving from Erbil. Another article talked about activating support of government banks and Iraqi banks, and transactions will be going international.

Bluestar read article citing Kurdish delegation to arrive in Baghdad to discuss solving disputes between Baghdad and Erbil. Erbil is for power-sharing. Don’t forget who put that agreement together and who is in control – the Kurds!

Frank discussed the rate, and the fact that the Kuwaiti dinar was allowed to go up 3 times its value. He respects Delta and his team very much, but he is seeing a 4 time increase in the IQD if and when it finally does stabilize. Frank feels that Maliki is fading away more and more as the days go by. He says he is already trying to do that. Pay attention to what banks are doing with Shabibi, NOT with what Maliki is trying to say the GOI is saying. Focus on Shabibi and everything that you see that comes out of banks.

Frank mentioned a couple of people who are becoming leaders on KTFA, and they are answering questions for people, helping others, etc. without waiting for Frank. He says thank you, and that he sees you doing that. (ch???? And zh?????)

Frank believes very strongly that Shabibi has the rate in his hands and could release it at any time. Is he waiting for October 15-January 1? Is he finalizing with banks during this time period? He has been saying he is trying to get it done between now and the end of the year. That’s a lot better than some thief coming out of the blue and saying, “The lifting of the 000s will be devastating to us and we should not do it.” Shabibi is telling them that lifting the 000s will be good for Iraq and her citizens.

Frank mentioned that the shaved ice business on the island of Oahu – he had asked for 4 people who might be interested in acting as silent partners with he and Taylor Wiley – they now have those and are proceeding. Frank mentioned Taylor Wiley’s website.

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Shaved Ice!!!!!!emot-LMAO.gifemot-LMAO.gif ................using frozen holy water?...huh.gif .......emot-LMAO.gif

Don't try adjusting your screen we are in controlohmy.gif ktfm

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