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EXMO affiliate program

I decided to buy 4 million as I had to get that much ($250) minimum. This way if it does RV first then I could sock the profit into more IQD thus still getting my double home run on both currencies. I just don't trust those crazy iraqis at this point to do anything in a timley manner. Your thoughts?

how many feel dong will rv soon after dinar

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I get confused why does everyone think dong will be RV , like IQD iraq?does everyone think that situations and conditions in vietnam and iraq have the similarity, like iraq has a lot of oil and gas natural resources?What about vietnam, what is the most natural resources or anything valuable that vietnam has in order to revalue the DONG? anyone has different opinion, please don't be hesitate to give your best opinion. Please, everyone 's opinion is very useful for me to determind whether to buy DONG or not. I will be very appreciated for everyone's opinion.

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