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2 questions answered - cd's and mastercard

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Quick responses coming from Warka Bank lately! I got 2 more questions answered by Mr I.

CD's - 6 month and 1 year CD's should be available again at the start of June. He didn't say what the interest rate would be

Mastercard - Warka is working at re-establishing their licence with Mastercard and once completed they will post it on the warka website

Things appear to be looking up on the Warka front!

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EXMO affiliate program

Wow an answer and positive information. Good days!

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yeah, asnwers for the questions I've been asking for awhile. But it looks like thngs may be looking up :) If they get their Mastercard licence back it will at least give us access to our money until they get things fixed with corresponding banks and money transfers.


No idea how lng it takes to get a MC licence but I imagine it can't be that long. But then again this is Iraq we are talking about lol

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