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ISX Obsevation (News Letter)

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As of 19 Sep 2017, I have been receiving  ISX News Letters via email.  This is something completely new nor do I recall signing up for this ISX News Letter.  I'm not complaining just wondering how many others have ISX stocks that now receive this letter.  This may be a way of letting the world know Iraq's open for business.  Has anyone checked to see if Iraq has been taken off the (Bad-Boy) list.  In Oct 2010, Iraq was listed / placed on OFAC by U.S. States Department of Treasury by non other than HRC.  link:


 Prior to Iraq being listed on OFAC I could wire transfer dollars directly to my Al Warka account.  Just curious if anyone has had any luck lately.  





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I have received these updates for sometime as well. I signed up for them a few years ago.


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Looking back at (BBOB) Bank Of Baghdad as an example back in 2006 their stock was in the $8-$11 range. Today it showing .58 cents.

Today there were 101 companies listed on the ISX. Only 1/3 are trading. It seem over the last few years most all the stock prices have declined. I know I bought many stocks in the $2-$3 range when I first invested and today they are less than $1 or lower. 

My point is are we are the bottom of this swing and all these companies know it? If companies shares were higher and there was a RV how could these companies pay share holders? Just an observation.


    Traded Companies            30
    High Companies            1
    Low Companies            12
    General Assembly             2
    Stop trading from ISC             24
    Not traded Companies            44

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Very good observation, totally agree we're at the trigger point.  Just a matter of when.  I own stock in several banks as well.  Best of luck.  

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