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Warka accounts and stocks

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Hello everyone:  I just joined the forum.  You guys seem to be pretty up to date.  Any info on Warka?  I still have access to my account and can see my balance.  I, like a lot of you have stock bought through them.  I hear rumors that any stock help by them is lost, and then I hear a rumor that any stock held by them is being held by the ISX in their  "ISX depository system" whatever that means, until Warka can function fully again.  Any news would be great.  Thanks.

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EXMO affiliate program

JMO but I think proxy shares are a lost cause and any that were put in "your good name" are being held until they get cleared to operate.


Investorsiraq seemed to be leading on info regarding ISX/Warka but it seems to be gone now, not sure why.


Any money in savings accounts I wouldn't worry about, you'll be able to eventually get it the question is when.

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