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I wonder which comes first

I wonder which comes first   4 members have voted

  1. 1. The DOW hits...

    • 25,000
    • 15,000

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Not likely to hit 15,000 without a strong underlying reason or surprise

but the hard reality of this market is over bought and we still have done

nothing to address future long term unfunded financial liabilities of upwards of 200 Trillion$


That alone could demolish the market at some point of course, and there are no easy

answers to the decades long problems. I see a price in between...17 - 18,000 after

correction. Keep in mind we are also seeing much of the very same mistakes being made

inside the housing market again...same easy money policies coming from some big lenders,

and that is already causing problems.


There is no such thing as endless growth, that is a keynesian lie. Everything runs in cycles,

markets are no different, but all things can be whipped out of order for awhile, so we will see.

it will be fear based as all financial fall outs the volatility when a stronger correction

happens, but for years they have been fairly small, but that will change also at some point

when reality hits euphoria. :lol:


Thanks BA :)

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