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Sovereign funds withdraw $ 18.4 billion from global markets

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Economy News _ Baghdad:
Data from Aa.vstmant Research showed on Friday that sovereign wealth funds pulled $ 18.4 billion of global equity and bond markets in the first quarter of 2017, despite strong gains for stocks in that period.
The sovereign oil wealth is exposed to pressure-backed funds since crude prices tumbled from the peak levels of mid-2014 when it was at $ 115 to around $ 52 a barrel, with the governments to draw from the funds to fill budget deficits.
According to data from Breckin Research in April, the assets of the global sovereign funds have stabilized at 6.59 trillion dollars in the twelve months to March 2017 due to a combination of poor performance of the markets and low oil prices and shifts of government policies.
According to the latest figures released by Aa.vistmant, which gathers data from about 4,400 company manages funds for institutional investors, sovereign funds sales were renewed in the first quarter after a modest net purchases amounted to 382.3 million dollars in the fourth quarter of 2016.
The funds pulled about $ 16.9 billion from equity funds amid heavy selling of American stocks, which lost $ 9.5 billion, while global equity funds lost 490.6 million dollars and attracted global equity funds Inert $ 1.7 billion.
The funds pulled $ 1.6 billion of fixed-income funds with sales tools focused on US bonds, which saw the displacement of $ 2.5 billion.
The global bond funds attracted about $ billion net flows of funds and emerging market debt of $ 123 million after redemptions for three consecutive quarters.
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And so it begins... In 6 months people will be hearing how their retirement just got wiped out and wonder where all the money went... It is a cycle. Wash, Rinse, Repeat



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