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Im trying to sell my dinar back!! I got my half of my cut from my brother when we invested in thw iraqi dinar and i got 2 mill worth he got 6 mil worth. So he gave me the notes but hes been outta reach for awhile and i have no clue how to trade these back to the banks we got em from because i dnt believe this will work anymore.  Pleaee anybody. Let me know step by step how this is done or assist me your best. I really need cash too!! But thanks 

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paperboy    4,176

jahjahpraises - I'm afraid what you're wanting to do isn't fast (or easy in most cases).      There are no banks that will currently buy them as they are not an internationally recognized currency.   We have a "Buy & Sell" forum here on DV that you can post to & see if anyone is interested.   Here's a link to that thread:


You could also try to list them on ebay.   And there are a few currency dealers out there that will buy them, but I'm not sure of the names or the prices that they are offering right now.    Best of luck.    

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