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47 minutes ago, Theseus said:

Looks like my analysis was correct all along. After checking on the spreadsheet this morning the only thing not filled in is the remittances column. The auction price was filled in to be 1184 for each auction as posted and as I have espoused. Each auction states the auction price in the announcement which gets posted in the News forum and if you miss it you can always go to the CBI website. Like I have also said the 1/4/2017 indicative date is an as-of date meaning that the rate announced is the rate going forward as of the date listed - 1/4/2017. This is what it is, nothing secretive, nothing to hide. When the unicorn farts sometimes it's just a fart. I know some will be disappointed the unicorn didn't fart rainbows. 

You're, "as of", statement isn't the way it's been for at least 7 years. 

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The indicative rate date changed to 03-13-2017. For those watching it. Rate is still 1182/84

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