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Call for FX reform !

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The CBI LOST money in  2013/5 , about $4Bn.  ( from ann reports) It made up /for the loss by selling reserves.  If it was doing a normal banking ops it would have started 2016 with an official rate of about 2025. But it kept giving out dollars at the old rate? Further depleting the reserves..  2016  was worse but we wont know for sure until mid 2017 . But surely they lost more money from the reserves. My guess is another $4Bn. So the rate for 2017 should be about 1300.  This may be a gross underestimate as we dont know how much the war with ISIS is costing , but certainly a lot more than last year.

The economist is correct. If they keep on this track and delay the ultimate correction the dinar will end upback at 4000:1 All I can think is that the adjustment will hurt and the party in power does not want to take the hit. The estimate as of late is that the break even price of oil for Iraq is $80/bbl and that wont happen SOON.   


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EXMO affiliate program

On ‎12‎/‎28‎/‎2016 at 2:09 PM, SnowGlobe7 said:

hey guys....checking on both of ya

Happy New Year my friend!!!

If ya see my other good friend Shabs pass my wishes

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Hi everyone, 


Well it looks like I've been banished to the LOPster tank even though I don't deserve it.

I know something will happen, just not anytime soon like everyone's been pumping for years.


Anyway, along the same side of FOREX is cybercurrencies or cryptocurrencies,  like Bitcoin, which are also traded online.

Someone posted in the rumors area about IQD being a cyber or crypto currency on offer.



Anyone can come up with a currency name and have it listed.

There are over 800 available right now.


There is also Shilling, Dinar, Potcoin, whatever anyone wants to name it, and the key is to market the marketability.

Bunnycoin, Mousecoin, whatever interesting thing coin you want......


So again, don't fall for the hype or ANY speculation that someone might post regarding this.

On the flipside, buy a little and join the ride for the pump n dump! HAHA.


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