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Law: the sacking of ministers from office inevitable

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Law: the sacking of ministers from office inevitable


 Since 20/04/2016 13:05 pm (Baghdad time)


Special - balances News

Confirmed the MP for the coalition of state law Firdaus Yassin, on Wednesday, the protesters are decide who will stay in office of the minister or not, while the Minister called for mass resignations in response to the demands of the Parliament in order to be able to vote on the new cabinet.

Said Yassin's / balances News /, that "sit-in demonstrators in front of the citizens of ministries came to force the minister to submit their resignations," indicating that he "had to be the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi dismissal of ministers before the ministerial cabin submit to the House of Representatives."

She added, "The do-Abadi to provide cabin ministerial before sacking his ministers deception of the people," adding that "public pressure highly of Minister knows the job would not vote on new ministers."

"The ministers and called for their resignations so that Parliament could vote on the new cabinet after the confirmation of their experience and competence," pointing out that "the people are who decide to remain in office or is said in spite of the attempt to embassies and diplomatic missions in the not to make the Iraqi decision independently and subject to the views of other ".

The thousands of Sadrists in Baghdad and the provinces staging a protest in front of government ministries at the invitation of the chest in order to provide ministers resigned from their work. is over

From: Nur al-Din Wahba 

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GM Capt and all of DV..this is as the title states the Inevitable..which must be done... 

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