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Frank - Wells Fargo Will Be Exchanging Foreign Currency Tomorrow !

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CNN. Broadcasting From The Wells Fargo Switchboard While Rerouting Frank's Calls !




  • O has never been invited to the ME, and healthcare is the excuse for the “deadlock” in the federal gov’t; despite these things, it does not impact the global currency reset – it is not dependent on the US federal govt

• O is following the same course as Clinton did prior to the KWD RI; O has no power or influence over the global currency reset; Frank asked the family to go back and study what Clinton did, and look at when the budget was actually balanced, it was not until after he left office; Frank asked all to pray for O

• Frank and Eagle1 anticipated the GCR would occur today, and it is possible that it has, but we do not see it yet; this is their opinion; Frank’s opinion is that the GCR began a week ago, and that we will see the evidence of it in days, but again this is only their opinion

• Frank and his team tried calling banks to request information about foreign currency exchange, and in every case, the calls were dropped or mis-routed; no information was gained today

• Frank stands behind that WF will be exchanging foreign currency tomorrow, but they already do this – remember the 2 drawers

• Frank gave a WF update: his contact did not see any rate on screens today, there was no evidence of the reset today;

however, they have been told that there will be currency in the second drawer tomorrow; today, 3 packages came by FedEx to this contacts location and the packages went directly into the vault; it was the currency for the 2nd drawer, assumed to be IQD

• Frank’s opinion is that the GCR will roll out in 10 -20 baskets over a period of time, Eagle1’s opinion is that we will see almost all come out at once with perhaps a few currencies in a few more days

• What happens if we do not see evidence of the GCR tomorrow? WF will continue to play dumb, they are waiting for the release

• Frank said gold is not behaving as it should, both gold/silver and the dollar have dropped – Frank played a voice mail reporting the odd behavior of metals –

keep watching them; in Frank’s opinion, we will not see the US federal gov’t back up and running until the GCR is announced;

• Iraq is #1 in 7 minerals in the world; agriculture in Iraq can support the ME; they can grow corn in 3 weeks due to the richness of the soil; the water that Saddam dammed has been released and flows freely; the world will once again flow to Iraq – to Babylon; it has abundant prosperity to last us until he says “enough”

At this point Eagle1 and Bluestar joined the call

• Eagle1 team member went into WF this morning just to check on their account and then asked to speak to the private banker; he asked “do you know what’s going on?” and she nodded her head yes, and she said they are ready for it, then pointed to 3 drawers and said 1 for USD, 1 for other foreign currency, and 1 she said “you know what that is for”

• Per Eagle1’s WF source, in their opinion, they are ready to go

• Frank is still hearing from I Team that if Iraq pays the 10 billion to Kuwait, Iraq will be allowed to announce the RV

• Frank and Eagle1 both believe the GCR started about a week ago, and both have the opinion that tomorrow, WF will say they do exchange the IQD

• Bluestar asked Eagle1 and Frank why do they have differing schools of thought on the number of currencies – Frank’s opinion is that that GCR will come out 10 -20 currencies at a time over about a year;

Eagle1 said he held that same opinion for a long time, but based on information from his sources in the IMF, the risk to investors tying up currencies to continue to reinvest after basket after basket to capitalize on the gains and tie up currencies so it needs to be rolled out all at once;

Eagle1’s sources at IMF report all 198 currencies are successfully loaded on the screens now

• Frank said his sources are mostly military, contractual and political whereas Eagle1’s sources are more in the banking and finance industry; Frank encouraged the family to lean more toward Eagle1’s opinion as his sources are more connected to the banking and finance sector

• Bluestar asked if we need to refer to the IQD, IRD and VND as “IQN,” “IRN” and the “VNN” when we go to exchange, that perhaps how we refer to the currency will signal the bank that we want the rate for the revalued currency, not the current rate –

we do not want the in-country rate for the IQD, we want the international rate for the IQN; this may not be an issue, but to be safe

please refer to the currencies as dinar IQN, dong VNN and rupiah IQN and be absolutely certain to state we are EXCHANGING, NOT “cashing out”

• Remember that bank fees and exchange fees are negotiable – there are some absolutes that are dictated by federal regulation, and those are not negotiable;

however, for the bank’s fees and exchange rate, negotiate! Try to work from a position of power – if you can put a group together to negotiate from a position of strength, consider it;

Frank’s personal plan is to wait 3 days, calling banks during that time to see what they will offer, and also looking to see what the rate for the IQN will do in the first 3 days

• Bluestar suggested visiting for information, and if anyone has 3 million IQN or more, WF wealth managers will work with those having that amount or more

• Frank concluded the call by singing Amazing Grace and Andy gave the shofar horn blast


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EXMO affiliate program

OK Where do I start!!!


I don't care how good the soil is - it takes 8-12 weeks to grow corn - depending on variety.  


Of course WF will continue to play dumb - because they have no more information than we do!


GCR - as I said before - GREAT CRAZY RAMBLINGS!  Can't see all 198 currencies in the world being totally reset. I don't care how many baskets you do it in. 


I'll believe the IQN when I see it from a reputable source - and an in country IQD rate versus an international IQN rate?  Really?


And I don't care if you exchange or cashing out - the taxes are going to be the same, no matter what. 

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Gotta agree with tankdude. + to you. I may not know much, But I know corn and land. 

Edited by mr john
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Gotta agree with tankdude. + to you. I may not know much, But I know corn and land. 

I've chopped more tons of silage growing up on the ranch/farm than I care to think about. *lol*

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