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Qi Cards

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#1 zigmeister


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 12:45 PM

I find the Qi cards are very important as to direction Iraq is going with their currency.  I thought it might be interesting to have some dialogue and discussion on them.  Let's start with the big question,  what relevance could they possibly hold for an rv?  Or do they?  Are they significant to the overall financial structure in Iraq?  It might be fun to explore all possibilities.  Please avoid bringing religious belief systems in the discussion.

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    Keeper of the Mystic Crystal.......

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Posted 10 April 2013 - 01:10 PM

I think because of the crime rates in Iraq they are vital in reducing this. Whether or not they relate directly to a currency change is another matter. However, if they are going to be able to use them internationally then their currency would need to be an internationally recognised one. So indirectly yes it can be argued that they are important. Additionally, if the rate was to remain where it is... would it be worth having an international card? If an iragi was to order something via the internet... by the time the exchange rate is applied their account could be pretty much empty. If i remember correctly they are only going to have 400 dinar charged on them, all be it this will be paid back to Jan. 1st 2013. that however is a very small amout of dinar in the world markets, thus it maybe considered to be one if the catalysts in the increase in the rate. JMHO. :)
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#3 idplzr


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 02:17 PM

Yeah Betty if the 400 is correct that would only be 30 something cents. The card probably cost much more than that just to issue.
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#4 mcjocky1


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Posted 10 April 2013 - 03:19 PM

Outside the major Cities the lack of any infrastructure to support these cards is dubious. The lack of electricity, the cost of the card readers, leased or otherwise, let alone the lowly ammount of money on them and how they would charge to recoup the huge financial input required to set it up?. So many things to consider, not least the monetary culture of the country being so hands on and haggling trading before a price is agreed upon, look at maps of mobile/wifi coverage that are available on line to us that show the upgrade required to introduce these cards to everyone as their only means of accesing their money. It is funny initialy driving around and seeing people riding on donkey drawn carts, but using a mobile phone, but once outside these more "modern" areas the lowly lifestyle is nearly beyond comprehension. America threw billions of $'s into this country but still failed to overcome the corruption and greed of those that, as a way of life, took what was theirs, and it is still happening every day whether it be a few Dinar or $1000 dollars, or materials from sites that just drain the budget and finaly cause it to grind to a halt and expire. IMO this is no overnight project, nor anything to effect an RV. 



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#5 TBomb


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Posted 14 April 2013 - 03:03 PM

My understanding is that the Qi cards will also be used as a way to vote in the elections and that when we see release of budget funds, that they'll be delivered through the Qi cards.  So, this, IMO, and from my understanding is a good indicator that things are moving towards (in some way) currency reform.




Exchange 33 billion dinars to compensate victims of terrorism










BAGHDAD / JD / .. Central Committee announced to compensate victims of terrorism and military mistakes in the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers exchange for 33 billion dinars for distribution to those affected.


The committee said in a statement received / JD / copy of it: that the Ministry of Finance spent 33 billion dinars to compensate victims of terrorism and military mistakes of all the provinces.


She explained: that these customizations included all of the following governorates of Baghdad (13,698,583,000) billion and Diyala (2,230,521,000) billion and Wasit (269 527 500) million and Basra (980 115 000) million and Maysan (279.3 million) million and Babylon (680 800 000) million and Nineveh (5,480,932,000) billion and Najaf (398 680 000 million) and Qadisiyah (97.53 million) million, Dhi Qar (202 510 000) million.


While the share of the province of Salah al-Din (1,868,500,000) billion and the province of Muthanna (205 900 000) million and the province of Karbala (236 695 000) million and the province of Kirkuk (1,205,735,000) billion and finally, Anbar province (5,691,508,000) billion dinars.


The Committee stressed that this first launch and customize Mali after approving the current year budget 2013 to compensate victims of terrorism, and there are new meals under launch of the Ministry of Finance on a daily basis and continues to the fact that the sub-committees to compensate victims of terrorism in the provinces had been sent transactions completed over the past five months.


The Commission noted that the Ministry of Finance are regardless of financial allocations directly to the provinces concerned to the accounting department in those provinces to organize financial instruments and distributed to the beneficiaries of the covered by the law No. 20 of 2009 on compensation affected by terrorist attacks and the war and the mistakes military. / End / / 2








Committee discusses pension rights for members of provincial councils


 BAGHDAD / older / discussed by the Committee on pensions for members of provincial councils mechanism to find solutions to their pensions. A statement from the committee received "agency secrets news / not /" copy of it, that "Torhan Mufti and Minister of State for Provincial Affairs met today with the Committee of the Regions and the provinces parliamentary representative بالنائبة Huda Carpets and director of public pension Ahmed Abdul-Jabbar and representatives from the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs, and the mufti confirmed that work is continuing in order to find solutions to the salaries of members of former provincial. " Mufti pointed out that "the ministry had demanded of the Committee of the Regions and the provinces in the House of Representatives amend the law (21), especially with regard to the salaries of members of former provincial." He explained that "the ministry will lift a letter to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to bring members of provincial councils who were former employees in government departments, as well as the overture and the Ministry of Finance for the same purpose." The Minister of Finance and Ali Yousef Shukri agency announced that the launch of pensions for members of local councils and districts and counties will be effective from April. End




IMO, these articles are indicators they're preparing to fund the Qi cards.  When we see articles like these, but which state "PAID", then we'll see that the budget has been released.  




The second generation of cards (for Card) is available for all, starting from next week


BAGHDAD / older / company resumed global smart card to card issuing cards after a hiatus of two months, due to the technical modernization. The Executive Director of the company Thaer Awad, in a statement, received "agency secrets news / not /" copy of it today, that "the company embarked on Sunday issuing cards after I stopped for two months due to modernization processes," stressing, "it was the transition from the first generation to second ". He pointed out that "Paradise branches, Mansour and dignity began the process of release that version in all branches from the current tenth of April." Awad said the "second generation depends iris and hand as well as the fact that the Fingerprints exceeded the problem of weak hand footprint by 90%, as it allows the agent to get a special card that authentic card linked to the same bank account." And that "all Iraqis will be able to issue their own cards, even if some were not within the categories covered." He pointed out that "the new card include, in addition to salaries range of other services including shopping and a partial withdrawal, money transfer and filing. Ended 22 /


I think at this point, the Qi cards are activated, but not loaded.

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