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Frank26 Monday night Conference Call 145 Minutes long


Call Notes by cshessman:

cshessman Frank’s CC Notes 1.21.13

Team effort by Feeling Blessed with editing done by C$

A shout out to FB for taking some great notes while I had to miss the call tonight helping someone with their network configuration.

Frank this should catch everyone up very nicely! Thank you Sir for all you and Tink do along with Delta and Team26. Aloha! C$

Hillarious is starting to get close. She is working with the Iraqi affairs dept. and the Arab region. She’s trying to get American diplomats to come into the region. She’s helping … towards the end. We hope to see her more.

Toyvp – at number 26 of the budget reports – thank you

Last week of Oct. F says Nov. 6 (election day) beginning of something; to Jan. 20th – they are going to MASK you. Not going to let you see what they are doing. Jan. 20th – yesterday. Have seen a lot of things, specific laws, investors, budget, political movements, Maliki gone. What did Frank tell us they would MASK us from? Did we see the 2013 budget? No. Did they do a good job? Frank says a superior job.

They are masking you and doing a wonderful job. Congrads GOI. We saw the unity of a country coming together. Unmask Jan. 20 – Feb 23. Have you ever seen such a mountain fall of information?

Saleh dept. governor of the CBI was released.

What are they going to UNMASK you from? They are going to talk to you about the 2013 budget. Is the rate that Shabibi spoke of last year in the 2013 budget? When will we find out? In Frank’s opinion from Jan. 20th to Feb. 23rd. What if they show us the budget with no rate? Then what did Frank tell you happened in December? That they, the citizens, have positioned themselves.

If the Iraqi citizens do NOT see the rate in the 2013 budget, the Iraqi citizens will tear the place apart...not the country...they are going to dismantle the gov't of Iraq. They will take Maliki out; WATCH as the leaders of the political world leaders of the GOI...from the Emir to ... religious leaders and politicians will all LEAD the protestors.

It started with Nov. 6th; that was the start of something. Jan. 20th it is the end of something. And now as that ends something new starts from now until Feb. 23 in Frank’s opinion and we know why. The stand-by agreements end on that date. There is no more money anywhere. It’s the start of another political event Frank believes.

Frank shows picture of Obama surrounded by children in the newspaper. He said that's disgusting using children, talking about gun control with children around him.

Article from NY times says President is sworn in quietly. Hmm. No prayers, no bibles, WSJ says they did use a bible. US Today. Low key start 2nd time around. She’s holding a blue book. The bible. Family bible? Hmm. Fascinating to Frank.

O is putting himself in position for his 2nd term. Are you aware of what you are about to Pay with having voted O in for a 2nd term? An article from NY Times speaks about a famous golfer who is uneasy about the political climate. Phil Mickelson feeling uneasy, talking about needing to make drastic changes because of the tax bracket he is in. Many of us are about to be where Phil is now in his tax bracket.

They will mask us and then unmask us; if they don’t get this done by Feb. 23rd; the citizens of Iraq have put themselves in the perfect position. The perfect position in leadership. From the army to political people to religious leaders. Very interesting isn’t it. Just a guess says Frank and he laughs.

All of this was to see or hide the 2013 budget. Now we pray to God to let us see it. Let us see the new rate. If not the citizens are in the right position to dismantle the govt. and boot Maliki. Not a date; not a rate.

Kuwait jumps on 3 agreements with the Kurds. The government of Iraq NEVER saw coming. These things caught Baghdad off guard.

1) Oil investors went over to Kurdistan region.

2) Residential investment

3) Business investments that were brought into the Kurdistan region. – Really made M jealous didn’t it.

Who has the back of Kurdistan? USA

Who has the keys to get Iraq out of Ch 7? USA/UN/Ch.7 (working with Kurds)

Kuwait jumps on the opportunities that the Kurdistan region offers; the #1 son of Iraq.

Kuwait/Kurdistan to lure in investors

1) Iraq needs investors.

2) Needs companies to come in.

3) Europe to invest with guarantors? EUROPE??? To come into a GULF state? With guarantors of economic and bank stability and not saboteurs. We should applaud Kuwait.

We should lift Chapter 7 just for Kuwait. Kuwait will back the investors. Humongoliscious. Kuwait says we will back the investors. Kuwait; the neighboring country of Iraq is going to back up the investors??? Why? Because it’s going to be contagious and EXPLODE. Don’t come in through the front door; come in through the back door instead. LOL

Baghdad will catch up...they have no choice. Praising God? We should.

Exxon – some serious power. Meanwhile Exxon Mobil says can't we all just get along? They said we were set pretty in Kurdistan until Maliki came up saying they were violating something. Maliki called the President of Exxon...footprints being left in concrete...shaping the future of Iraq without Maliki.

It is MINE...what is it? It is MINE? What is it? My PRECIOUS...MY PRECIOUS METALS. Extremely important. Got that? If you see them start to move, precious they are to see currency reform globally. Last year UST had to shut down because they ran out of all silver. A few days ago they sold out of ALL of their silver in one day...572 "metric" tons. Are you kidding me??? In one day???

That doesn't happen, unless it is going to back a currency; paper monies. Silver is astronomically going crazy. What is going to happen next? Frank says he has posted the answer before. We should know the answer. AU – Gold should be next.

Frank's broker is still selling the silver American Eagles at price from a couple of months ago. Metals behaving this way are the precursors to global world financial currency resets. Our gov't last week said we need a global reset as soon as possible.

Nov. 6th was the beginning of something and Jan. 20th the end...and TODAY nobody even noticed it. Ah….precious metals! That is one giant footstep that makes it very clear of exactly what we are hunting.

How ya doin' Maliki? Maliki doesn't want to talk. Anbar elders and everyone, Sistani, GOI on T.V., all talking about Maliki being a procrastinator. Telling Maliki that he has to take the protestors demands seriously now.

Parliament is moving against you on several fronts aren’t they Maliki.

CBI news...GUM GUM Juicy Fruit - Saleh the deputy governor was set free from prison. That's good that he is out of prison. Is it good for the RV? Nah, It doesn't really affect the RV. The reason he was released from prison, is that he is ailing. He is old and has diabetes. The people petitioned for him to be released. He was let out because of his condition and age. People also asked to have all of the women released. Maliki finally gave in.

The good part...when Saleh was released...the articles that were released and talk on Iraqiya T.V......what came out...Saleh said the work that we've been doing at the still going on...with or without him...he's going to retire...lift the value so I can live and retire...the work that “we” Shabibi and I were the same mechanism they are using right now.

It’s the same one we have been using to keep the level of EXCHANGE...this is an EXPLOSION OF INFO...who UNMASKED YOU? It was SUPPOSED to happen today...don't you go to Frank’s cc's? Frank laughs.

Meanwhile, Parliamentary finances said that they will discuss the new "banking act" next week. Wow. While Saleh is released the same thing Turki is using; nothing has changed, they are using it.

About 10 important laws have to be passed and the new banking act is one of the most powerful ones that need to be passed. Meanwhile, THE WORLD wants to see who is really in charge of the CBI. Was supposed to be done yesterday; AND what is the rate? Investors hold on...don't go in there yet. That's exactly what the UN is doing...watching them...Frank says they are doing well by the way.

All the investors saying wait; hold on; Kuwait backing us up? THIS IS HUGE ... we have Kuwait backing up the investors. After 3 decades, we are going to resume the oil exploration of our territory. Holy cow! Meanwhile, they also announced that they made over $94 billion American dollars (oil) in 2012 USD. That’s 94 trillion dinar. All these pieces are coming together.

So much information that frank doesn’t believe he can expound on it all tonight…. They UNMASK YOU; as of today.

Banks news - Want to talk about banks? The new bank act is extremely important, adopted by the CBI. It has many adjustments that Iraq needs...for what it is going economic explosion. Keep our eyes on this...pray that it passes without delays...especially before Feb. 23rd. A law adopted by the CBU but still has adjustments that need to be done. It’s going to get done for Iraq to have an economic explosion.

Iraqiya Bank Association -- advanced banking system to be used. Banking legislation and the application of the latest technology are still below levels of ambition...not good enough yet...they are getting there though. Private Banks, this is important, are seeking to enter the global market...they can't without their currency being int'l.

They need to use the technology that other countries use. This banking act is going to allow that to happen. A lot of good things happening. Frank doesn’t see anything negative happening.

The BUDGET...the Council of Ministers from the GOI said that the 2013 budget arrived in the House of Representatives and they are supposed to discuss and approve the budget next week. How is it that it is being passed back to the gov't now? They must be lying.

Do you think they are ratifying the budget for 2013? Yeah. It’s the GOI and the House are playing games with the budget. The budget is sitting there ready. The only problem is that there have been some tweaks along the way. Frank agrees with Delta on this.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Parliament is going to vote on a number of laws that are important. This is more important, the truth. That’s what we should pay attention to. They'll release the budget when they are ready...hopefully before Feb. 23rd. Frank has told us a long time ago they would need to pass many laws. They had meetings yesterday on these laws. They were boring.

Investors in Iraq – wow. Let’s make sure we are seeing this correct…

Europe...the European Parliament? WOW! Supports a partnership with Iraq?

What else do we need for the RV? Do you understand what I am telling you, Frank asks? Half the things tonight are unprecedented; unparalleled. That is HUGE! EUROPE??? They are not afraid to come in? Why? Kuwait!

Everybody comes into Iraq...just like the book of Revelations says would happen.

Central Bank of Japan...wants to back up Iraq…partnership? Logistically? Wow! Are you kidding me?? Back up Toilet paper??? LOL

Feb. a time frame...if it doesn't happen by then...popcorn and chairs and watch everything on T.V....hmmm...on Iraqi T.V. today, they announced that the Japanese Embassy is going to open in a liaison office in Basra?......sure if you want to waste money.

In Frank's opinion, you can mess around with your neighbors, the black market, etc., but do NOT even think about messing with us. WE are the ones who are going to change your country. We are coming in. Red rover, Red rover...just get out of my way.

Shell gas is coming...kewl.

Economic commissioner says British companies want to invest in Iraq. Reduce unemployment rate of young people.

You want a date and a rate? What for? When the Lord brought you to the Iraqi was your option. Who is driving? The Lord...hold your post…We're almost there...

Frank is going to talk about 2 issues and put away the other 3 issues / files for tomorrow, because he wants to bring in Eagle1 to speak on UN / WF projects.

Last 2 thoughts:

UNITY: in Frank’s opinion this is the first time in the history of Iraq, we are seeing a unity of the citizens, religious leaders, the politicians, the sects’ leaders, politicians, powerful families, etc... Coming together against one common foe…Maliki. Unprecedented, rare, unparalleled, unique, exceptional it novel.. A 2000 year old attitude just changed. Just like that by one man? Or by one GOD? One True God! This is huge!

This will revolutionize the government of Iraq and the CBI to be able to release of the budget and with the rate we all seek God willing. If it isn’t for you and me then it’s for these investors that we have mentioned and talked about tonight.

It’s is for these laws that are being passed. Not for the simplicity for passing them but for the purpose of these investors to come in and make money with Iraq and give their international currency a great future.

U.N.: rather boring right now. The UN is talking about having provincial elections in Iraq. Not happy with the crisis with Maliki the GOI and the people. You don't see any topics or articles about it though. See how it works? Just because you (Iraq, GOI and CBI)... just because you lift the value of your currency, it is not the LAST REASON in considering giving you CH 7. It’s also, security, stability and cooperation on both sides of the government and the banks. Amen, amen, amen.

BlueStar came in...rec'd question from EasyRider...that Maliki’s family is not only out of the country and M may soon be following...Frank can't give that info right now, because he doesn't know. Frank says Maliki will "STAGE" his exit...with some excuse. We’ll find out.

Bluestar's #36...Iraq deputy says there are current dissent sparks demonstration...could this become a problem internally in Iraq if they don't get their monetary house in order soon? Maliki doesn't have the strength, time, manpower, etc. to drum up this negativity. He tried. The positions have zoomed in.

They show a handful of people who support and are for him, who support him. He's taking inventory of what he has left to make some quick moves right now.

Bluestar poses scenario that all of this could blow out of proportion and become a real problem…

Frank says no. There would never be a civil war in 2012. They are smart. He felt they would position themselves in September to December. The tents are now solid buildings. They are well organized. Whoever is backing them up...doing a good job. Enough is enough.

Bluestar - Post #27 on page 1...evolution of monetary policy of CBI...and the European Union coming and moving towards Iraq...BlueStar had another question about it. Frank reviewed what he said earlier...said there is nothing to worry about. Frank already touched on this tonight.

One more thing to tell you Frank says, MAKE NOTE FAMILY: post #27 is FULL OF MISTAKES AND ERRORS...give it 24 hours...we'll see and talk about it.

Now Eagle1 comes on to talk about WF bank. Frank and Eagle1 worked last year worked hard with a WF executive. He wouldn't talk with them until after CH7 sanctions were lifted...then they could go back and talk. He wasn't concerned with the rate going up. That was huge and felt that was the case.

That WF executive (in charge of the Northwest coast of WF) said he would (once the rate goes up)...allow us to have foreign currency accounts, to deposit our currency directly into WF so that when the rate increases we can go to the bank and have it converted as we need. Eagle1 will be there as a KTFA rep and welcome KTFA family.

At WF East (first name starts with a "P"), Frank has another forum member who will be a rep and meet the WF rep. They want a place where people can cash in safely, with a De La Rue machines...and the LARGEST branch they have...they also have a team that flies fly into your city, to establish an exchange center...but not until we can talk to you.

Frank's biggest concern was FDIC insurance...not a more TAG program (ended on Dec. 31st). People, who have TAG accounts, will be protected, even after Dec. 31, 2012. It will not expire for any foreseeable future, because a means of protection has been put in place for's not FDIC will be protected by the UST.

DO NOT CLOSE YOUR TAG ACCOUNT if you STILL HAVE ONE; it’s still live and active!

What else can WF do for our FAMILY Eagle1? Do you think WF will do CDARS? Eagle1 thinks they will do it, because it is relatively easy. They are not going to use the CDAR program, yet they have modified something. They take your funds and distribute your funds and put them in the form of CDs in other banks, protectable increments...spread them out among other branches, and other banks, and multiple accounts...each one protected by the FDIC.

Frank you see why we are dealing with WF?

Other banks might use CDARS programs. Wire to wire transfers.

CIS is another thing. (He did not elaborate on this)

BOA, CHASE, WF, chain of command...Frank know the rest.

Absolutely open a non-interest bearing account at WF

Now Frank and Eagle1 now talk about UN project; BABYLON II:

BABYLON II - Software system that started in 2002 with George W. Bush...took on a program that failed because of an individual he was a plan that would get this nation out of debt. It was put in place a year before Saddam's adventures.

Being developed for a global currency reset in which nations would move from fiat money (essentially worthless money) to asset backed currencies worldwide. The process results in nations whose currencies and economies are tottering on the brink of collapse and suddenly would have some backing of their monies so as to avoid a humongous fluctuation up and down in the world economy.

They had planned and developed Babylon I but were too many glitches. And now they are downloading BABYLON II into the banking systems. It's been in place for several months...except they are downloading it for all nations now.

So that banks would be ready for the GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET/RESTRUCTURING: GCR,...once this transition occurs our USD will lose a significant percentage of value...and the actual percentage of loss will depend on and has to do with what is going to happen to our gov't in the next few weeks.

The old currency will be replaced with and asset backed currency. The whole objective is to get our nation and other nations back to solid footing and to prevent the collapse of whole economies as a result. One of things George Bush put in place is E.O. 13303 that allowed US citizens to actually to invest in Iraq.

What Bush did that didn't happen in the Reagan years, was to make the opportunity for the citizens to cash in, at the same time that the government is going to cash in and the entire nation prospers.

Frank says, if we don't see this by the last week of February (March 1st)...then all we can do is watch Iraq metamorphosis into something better.

Eagle1 said the U.N.'s involvement here (with the U.N. "project") is to help other nations that he won't specify...To trade in their USD and their Treasury bills that they have purchased...that are based at their old rate...and trade them for asset backed currencies…major of the groups benefiting are the WOUNDED WARRIORS (from Iraq and Afghanistan).

Q&A time:

Caller said: Obama said in his speech "WE THE PEOPLE" a lot! Caller felt O was speaking on getting back to sovereignty.

301 - Whitney calls in: is the 23rd a drop dead rate? Frank offers no date or no rate. We offer time frames that we study. If they don't release the 2013 budget with the rate in them change the government...starting with Maliki. It MAY happen before Feb. 23rd...And it may not... 50/50. Deep in Frank's heart, he knows that the rate is ready.

214 – Darryl from Dallas: The stand-by agreement is Feb. 23rd. Can you tell us how the inflation rate ties in with the SBA on Feb. 23rd? Is it TOO LATE to ask for an LOI? They recalculated percentages that are false. It's probably around 13+% (inflation). They used that excuse last time. It is NOT 2 to 3%. It's too late and they can't use it as an excuse. Frank doesn't think that the IMF wants to give them anything...because of all the investors who are coming in many. So they can't keep this toilet paper at that level. Caller – No sir.

Frank said...can the dinar stay at this rate...caller said he didn't believe so...Frank threw out...what about Zambia recently? Frank says Zambia's currency had a revaluation. Eagle1 said they are rich in diamond mines...went to $5.19. If they can do it...Iraq cannot do it??? Iraq has Oil, Diamonds, Gold, Sulfur, Minerals….???

If you can afford the trust fund AND the knowledge, great; At least go get the knowledge…now...then when you get the money, set yourself up.

Frank prays.

Delta was not on, because he is "cooking" something.

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EXMO affiliate program

"Frank threw out...what about Zambia recently? Frank says Zambia's currency had a revaluation. Eagle1 said they are rich in diamond mines...went to $5.19."

I just threw up in my mouth after reading this.

Zambia deleted 3 freaking zeros...Lopped.

$5.19 my azz.


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Dammit i told frank not to drink any more of thet Kool Aid, wile puffing on that Bong, See whare it gets ya Boy.Next week he will be in the prozac bottle. :rolleyes:

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Dammit i told frank not to drink any more of thet Kool Aid, wile puffing on that Bong, See whare it gets ya Boy.Next week he will be in the prozac bottle. :rolleyes:/>

Don't you mean puffing on that Dong? (VND)

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"Hillarious is starting to get close. She is working with the Iraqi affairs dept. and the Arab region. She’s trying to get American diplomats to come into the region. She’s helping … towards the end. We hope to see her more."

Not Me. I hope she drops off the FN planet....

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Long and and funny! Kind of lost me for a second with the Obama surrounded by children reference. They are called human shields for that Bozo.

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