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There are a lot of very smart people on this board so I ask the question which in my mind is the meat of this whole deal. If Iraq R.V s @ a $1.00 how much would it actually cost them out of pocket ? I know the amount of dinar out there is not exactly know but someone has got to know a ballpark. This alone I believe is the biggest factor of what they R.V at. I only say a dollar because it is a even enough number to work with, but the fact I wish it would come out at that also helps. Ha.

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At the risk of starting a HISSYFIT! More than 72 Trillion dollars if it were to happen tomorrow, September or any date this year.There is no "facility" to exchange dinar at that rate except thru an Iraqi bank or one with CBI connections that I am aware of...I know diehard GO RVers will come back with secret plans by unknown entities to solve that problem!!!! We should hope that the RV of that proportion does not happen until such a process exists ... OR the dinar in Iraq and the ME will thoroughly deplete the CBI reserves before we hear about it...


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