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  1. gregp

    Some good news

    If Al Sadar ran to take other votes from Maliki. It worked.
  2. gregp

    CBI News 05/14/2018

    Now that’s a vacuum!
  3. Bet they are fixing to hit Iran.
  4. Obummer would get his stupid butt kicked. Hands down. Not even in the same league. Seriously. Nuff said.
  5. She’s holding tight. Waiting for three zeros to disappear. thanks!
  6. Yup. I feel the CBI will hold it here, until they are ready to remove the zeros.
  7. gregp

    CBI News 05/02/2018

    At least Poland did something...
  8. They should have hung Maliki a long time ago.
  9. How could they miss that big head?!!!

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