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  1. Upcoming votes; 1-parliament vacation law 2-parliament increase pay law 3-parliament immunity law 4-parliament worker tax exempt law 5-parliament session postponement law 6-two year paid family emergency law 7-parliament supplied vehicle law 8-parliament clothing allowance law 9-parliament night club law 10-parliament holiday law 11-parliament oil profit sharing law 12-parliament corruption protection law 13-parliament free medical law 14-parliament free housing allowance law 15-parliament free food allowance law 16-parliament retirement fund law 17-parliament free clothing allowance law 18-parliament free corruption escape law 19-parliament lifetime Carnival cruise law 20-parliament Disney Land Free pass law
  2. I wonder if he will sell his own clothing line?
  3. More garbage. More fake news by the left to destroy a beautiful country.
  4. Give the Kurds some beans man! Pass the budget !!!
  5. Michelle (mike) Obummer is a transgender. That’s why Obummer made all the transgender laws go through.
  6. She hit the nail on the head.
  7. Jubouri press conference

    I’ll bet they are waiting to see how much money is raised at the donor conference. If they hit their financial goal, it would remove a huge financial stress from the budget. they can lock in payroll and the Oil deal with Kurdistan and other areas. It could be a major home run for Iraq!!

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