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  1. I did not see Al Warka on the list unless I missed it. That being a good thing. A second set of eye s to review would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. BalkanBob, You are correct! The few 50 dinar notes held in hand will be used as wallpaper come May 1, 2015. Unless, you can exchange them for NEW 50 dinar notes in country. IMHO, this is a test run for additional note conversion, allows them to work the bugs out. Let’s see what happens in May, they may pull 100 and 500 then 1000. This would allow a transition in country before dropping the ZERO’s and introducing the remaining lower denominations. Time will tell, it always does!
  3. Sknaht
  4. Al Warka Finance and Investment has offered Master Card for several years. In October 2010, they stopped international use. Prior to that I used my Master Card in Kuwait, Germany, AUE, and "AMERICA", or what use to be called America!
  5. No shyt........!
  6. Oh.... Yes!