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  1. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    Give or take a few weeks..
  2. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    Remember president said single forex rate by March 21...
  3. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    CBI Chief : Iran vows to switch bank accounts to Oman The CBI governor made the remarks in a meeting with Omani Minister Responsible for Foreign Affairs Minister Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah and Deputy Chairman of Oman's central bank in Tehran on Saturday. Expansion of banking cooperation helps bolster and broaden political and economic relations between the two countries, Seif said. Political ties between the two countries are very deeply rooted and it is expected to develop in line with economic relations between the two sides, he said. Banking cooperation ease expansion of economic relations and both sides officials are determined to attain the goal in order to play a much more active role in the central Asian markets as well as Persian Gulf littoral states, Seif said. An open market to over 400 million customers requires active role, he said, adding that Oman is capable of re-exports and the role of banks to this end will be of prime importance. Recently banks in Oman have welcomed bank guarantees issued by Iranian banks, Seif said. Prospect of banking cooperation between Iran and Oman is very promising, he added. Oman's minister responsible for foreign affairs and his entourage arrived in Tehran on Friday to confer with his Iranian counterpart on issues of mutual interests along with regional developments, he said. 1430**2050 Follow us on Twitter@IrnaEnglish برچسب ها سياسي Iran Oman CBI Contact Editor-in-chief Photo Gallery Most Viewed Ex-Head of Iran presidential office arrested Syria discloses lies behind Eastern Ghouta CBI Chief : Iran vows to switch bank accounts to Oman EU for upholding Iran nuclear deal: Deputy FM Oman underlines promotion of banking ties with Iran Latest News Boday remains of 4 Iranian soldiers found in E Iraq 18 civilians injured in rocket attacks on Damascus EU risks anti-Iran move under US pressure: Int'l lawyer By Bahman Abdollahi* Cinemagoers eagerly awaiting Cannes 2018 Two Iranian animations to be screened at France’s Annecy festival موضوعات مرتبط Economy Islamic Republic News Agency - IRNA Email: Copyright © All Rights Reserved
  4. screwball

    Cuba prepares to end dual currency system

    Who’s got some
  5. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    Budget banking reform bills
  6. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    March 21 deadline let’s see what happens
  7. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    Yes there was anither article saying they launched it...
  8. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    All I can say is wow! The bank is also launching a new electronic system on Saturday to facilitate forex transactions and gradually move all trading to the platform in a bid to promote transparency in the market.
  9. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    F oreign exchange market showed early signs of cooling on Thursday after the Central Bank of Iran unveiled its emergency package aimed at enticing investors to embrace regulated monetary and gold markets as their preferred choice. The package approved by the government on Wednesday and later announced by CBI includes unusual measures to put a stop to a volatility that saw rial lose a quarter of its value in the past six months. The package includes tightening of monetary policy, the issuance of rial-denominated foreign currency bonds and the presale of gold coins at prices lower than the market rates. First and foremost, the regulator, in an about-face from its previous dovish policy, has allowed lenders to open one-year savings accounts with an interest rate of 20% for a period of two weeks from Saturday. The temporary rate increase is aimed at creating a safer rival market for the more risky and fickle forex market, thereby shoring up the value of rial. The bank had last ordered lenders to cut their deposit and lending rates to 15% and 18% respectively in September last year in response to the decline in inflation rate to single digits for the first time after a quarter century. Some independent analyst had warned the bank that the decision was premature, arguing that the inflation rate was still high and that the move could instigate a flight of capital from the monetary market into mote speculative ones such as forex and housing markets. Although the CBI decision was largely welcomed as a sign that the policymakers are turning from their traditional and inept responses into more proactive strategies, some saw it as "too little, too late". Critics say the move has limited impact and is unlikely to address the perennial problems besetting the Iranian currency. The prominent Persian-language economic newspaper Donya-e-Eqtesad has called for stopping the real appreciation of the rial if the stopgap policy is to have any lasting effect. The market, however, was more receptive. On Thursday, as it digested the news, the rial gained some ground and was traded below 47,000 to the dollar, up from 49,000 two days ago. The currency started gaining from Wednesday when law-enforcement forces, with a green light from the central bank, raided the hub of Tehran currency hawkers near the British Embassy in Tehran and arrested 90 traders who were deemed market disruptors. According to Tehran police chief, Brigadier General Hossein Rahimi, his forces also shut 10 currency-trading offices as part of the crackdown. Currency Bonds CBI's package also, for the first time, foresees the issuance of foreign currency bonds. The bank's governor, Valiollah Seif, had earlier announced that the bonds would be issued in collaboration with the Oil Ministry. Explaining the measures in a meeting with bank chief executives on Thursday, Seif said the currency bonds will be issued in rial but would be based on foreign exchange, meaning that one- or two-year currency bonds will be bought by investors in rial but at the time of maturity, the yields–at 4-4.5%– will be reimbursed in foreign currency or its equivalent in rial. The exchange rate will be calculated at an average rate of the most recent week the bond has matured. Analysts expect a final yield of 26% for these bonds. The bank is also launching a new electronic system on Saturday to facilitate forex transactions and gradually move all trading to the platform in a bid to promote transparency in the market. Gold Presale CBI's last measure is aimed at curbing the ongoing bull run in the gold market through presales at attractive prices. According to Seif, the state-run Bank Melli Iran will hold the presale of Bahar Azadi gold coins to be delivered in six months at 14 million rials ($295) and coins with a contract duration of one year at 13 million rials ($274). As of Thursday, the benchmark coin fetched 15.77 million rials ($332). The bank had earlier held gold coin auctions to contain the yellow metal's unprecedented rally in Tehran market, but this had little effect in restraining its price rally.
  10. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    The bank is also launching a new electronic system on Saturday to facilitate forex transactions and gradually move all trading to the platform in a bid to promote transparency in the market.
  11. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    Look at photos..,it’s a Currency board used in money exchange...western union in photo but it’s the rates missing...chf is rate...Iran just signed deal with Cbi ?
  12. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    Two articles connect the dots let’s see who’s paying attention....
  13. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    CBI governor, Swiss envoy to Tehran confer on banking ties News ID: 4213605 - Mon 29 January 2018 - 16:34 Economy TEHRAN, Jan. 29 (MNA) – Seif, the governor CBI, told the Swiss envoy to Iran Leitner that Iran-Switzerland banking relations are satisfactory and called for speeding up the permission process for letting Iranian banks open branches in Switzerland. “Iranian banks are functioning in the framework set by international regulations and many long steps have been undertaken to meet global standards,” said the governor of Central Bank of Iran Valiollah Seif. The Iranian official made the remarks on Monday while meeting with the Swiss Ambassador to Iran Markus Leitner. “The program to improve the structure in Iranian banks, in terms of standardizing banking operations, observing the international regulations, and correcting the accounting and monitoring standards is underway,” recounted the official. During the meeting, the Swiss ambassador to Tehran voiced his country’s willingness to expand banking relations between the two countries and also recounted that Switzerland is encouraging its banks to broaden their cooperation with Iranian banks. He described the meeting as a prelude to meeting this objective. He also promised to negotiate with banking officials and Swiss banks to speed up issuing permissions for letting Iranian banks open branches in Switzerland.
  14. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    Whi said they are moving to a managed float? Against a basket of currencies?
  15. screwball

    Iranian Rial

    Some do,you stop Currency fluctuations when you have two rates? Who said they will move to a single unified rate by March?whi said supplementary budget is based on single unified rate. What’s in the photos? Why a currency board? Which currencies are listed? Which ones are not? Why after four years are they rushing and have passed important aml/ctf laws? Deadline jan 31...

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