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  1. mpmartin

    Please vote to let SteveI and the rest to have a CC

    Lets have the call
  2. mpmartin

    Orders not filled

    I purchased Dong on Thursday and recieved it today, I am happy.
  3. mpmartin

    Economist RV Explanation Part I and II

    Great post THANK for sharing.
  4. mpmartin

    Outside Chat 3-9-10 9PM

    Thank you for posting this
  5. mpmartin

    Dinar Rumor From a Friend, Boots on the ground

    Sorry I missed it.
  6. * Fummins Chat: dont promote other sites 3/3/10 March 3, 2010
  7. Great find, excellent reporting.
  8. mpmartin

    The time is now

    Let's hope so
  9. mpmartin

    The Unofficial LOP vs. RV Voter Poll!

    I vote with Steve
  10. mpmartin

    TidBit from Phonex on Dinar in Circulation

    Good job JOHN1025

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