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  1. Thanks for the good news! Needed it!
  2. Got a little interested, then I saw who started the thread. Sigh...
  3. 12 of 12. Grounded for another month.
  4. True that, Skybear. BTW, I like your jet in the photograph.
  5. Adam, What is your take on the impact of last weeks massive prison break regarding the stability of Iraq's gov't, and the impact on the RV?
  6. got to be true, it's on the internet....uhm, yeah.
  7. i wish i had that 20 minutes of my life back that i spent listening to him.
  8. Do I bother asking for a link or proof? Naa, didn't think so.
  9. and the people who believe this are allowed to vote. . .
  10. If you will read Revelation 1:4 you will see who the book was written to, the seven churches of Asia. Revelation tells of things which must "soon take place". Do you really think John would be writing about the Iraqi dinar to people who were being persecuted to the point of death? Me either.
  11. Knopfler. You should see him play with the best of all times, Chet Atkins. Mark can hold his own.
  12. Revelation (no "s") is a book of symbolism written to the first century Christians to encourage them. It has lessons for us too, but somehow I don't think the first century Christians would take a lot of encouragement from reading that people thousands of years beyond them would profit on money speculation.