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  1. Do not get discouraged. Change takes time. Most of you have never stepped foot in Iraq but want to seek the profits. For those of us who have been there and fought the good fight we know that progress is not measured in feet...but in miles.
  2. Its post like these that make me say "ummm, if they were even considering a RV why would they give each homeowner 150 million dollars?" Makes you think a little doesnt it?
  3. Soldier13


    I've been on this ride for 14 years. I bought my first million in central baghdad while I was active duty. If you would have spent anytime over there you would know the answer to that question.
  4. I think this post just sent alot of peoples RV hopes down the drain.
  5. This is a great post. I said this earlier in the week when somebody posted something simliar. "We will not see and RV until this is agreed upon and voted in." So far all those people still predicting a RV or ERM before this is voted in i hope you predict a date after the approval. Oh by the way these are my words in the quotes and I will be the First to predict something that won't happen. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think so.
  6. Your like the 3rd person who posted this same topic today. Is there some kind of hidden agenda that somebody can see. Please tell us so we all know. Thanks for the post.
  7. By the way this looks. I don't have to look at any more updates until next Monday. If they don't pass the bill I won't have to look again until after March. I think this email just saved alot of people some time and heartache. Good find again shushinelvr.
  8. Soldier13

    It is true?

    Hey dude this is a Bad link
  9. Soldier13

    Dinar News CBI sells $180m on Thur.

    "None of the 13 banks that participated in today's session offered to sell Dollars" Is that american dollars or Iraqi Dinars. If they didn't want to sell dinars that would be a good thing. Could someone please clarify. Thanks and good post and great research
  10. Soldier13


    Wheres the link bro? I missed it.
  11. Where's the link. I will find my own translator.
  12. Soldier13

    Shredded Dinars-Can I reassemble?

    Don't worry there still not worth sh**
  13. Soldier13

    12-22/23?? Medic Chat

    Captain Jack thanks for the last post. I too don't like rumors. Can you spread some facts on how the political,economic and security goals/policies/actions are going. To me security is an opinionated statement. For someone to say that Iraq had to be secure would like me telling any american that he is secure when I know that not to be factual. Whats your take on this?
  14. Soldier13

    12-22/23?? Medic Chat

    Do you think thats gonna happen in this case..I know there would be a bunch of mad people but the way I see it is I spent 770 dollars on a million dinar. If I get 10 grand for it I'm happy. But I would love to have alot more but I'm not expecting it

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