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  1. navira

    Banks and dinar recovery

    June 4 will be 3 months from march 6 when the rate showed up on google site and the rest of exchange sites...when a rate shows up will be permanent.
  2. navira

    Banks and dinar recovery

    Iam sure Alak(CBI governor) has all the security guards ready for his commands
  3. navira

    Banks and dinar recovery

    This rv is gonna pop like nobodys watching
  4. navira

    Banks and dinar recovery

    Have my champagnes ready 4 popping
  5. navira

    Banks and dinar recovery

    CF, agree my friend...that is why iam celebrating myself ahead of the rv(it is kind of early in the morning right now, haha).
  6. navira

    Banks and dinar recovery

    Botzwana, right after these banks settle all the employees salaries(all salaries paid..they are paying them now according to news).
  7. navira

    Banks and dinar recovery

    They are about to leave the auction..and on to real banking. I really believe they will come out with a calculated rate(initial rate)...this rate will increase as soon as the market picks it up...cant wait
  8. navira


    Getting ready
  9. 6ly410, hang in will all show hoping not too much longer now
  10. Jeepguy, have to agree with you...n in doing so, Iraq is feeling the heat(with Iran being sanction)...and this is why probably CBI is making this happen now...and all because of Trump(and behind his decisions is his son in law Jared Kushner who went to Iraq and made all these dealings.
  11. I read the article and re-read it again many times..i think what the CBI is doing is telling this bank..and i believe it is not just this particular bank(all the banks involve in the process of transitions) to have evrything ready to pay the employees and collect all damaged notes to exchange them with new notes/small notes...CBI is giving these banks 24 hr notice..every bank involves has to do so with legal actions involve if they dont comply
  12. Nor, ...'for smart card Key Card to pay the salaries of employees.' In this quote...i think they are equally using the same meaning(pay=raise). The iqd rate increase may have been triggered due to ongoing printing of new banknotes/smaller notes from another news article..thus the delay in paying employees their salaries because the rv has occured.

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