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  1. Synopsis, dont know if u have seen the article a few days ago where it stated the auction had been stopped since 2006
  2. Increase the dollars(so as to flood the market in dollars)...then dedollarize(take away the dollars n replace them with iqd.
  3. 6ly410, oh man...i really hope this is the month bro...i think the reason why we have an increase in the dollar because we are heading towards a revaluation. Cheers bro n dvers
  4. Wadih al-Hanal, on Wednesday, that the time is appropriate to activate the initiative of the Central Bank of "trillion dinars" for the support of small and medium enterprises . Al-Hantal said in his speech during the workshop "one-trillion-dollar initiative to support small and medium enterprises" held in the city of Erbil 
  5. This is really good that we have many articles talking about deletion of zeroes and no mention of anymore delay. I hope this means that we are very close to seeing our blessing(hoping to see rv later this month). Cheers dvers
  6. Officiallytook, thanks. Let's hope CBI rvs the iqd this month before they inject the lower denoms into the market next month
  7. X= the percentage it can cover the size of the mass of cash, 170% or 170/100= 1.7($/iqd) Lim ×(60/36)= 1.7(1.67)= 2.839 or 2.84 dollars per dinars X--->170% or 1.7 60/36 is the ratio of reserve of foreign currency over cash in circulation in dinars. 36 billion dollars(43 trillion dinars)
  8. Not too long ago, CBI announced that it could cover 160 that percentage...the rate is somewhere 2.6 dollar per has now increased to 170 percent
  9. 2.83 dollar per dinar is the rate i came up with, provided it could cover 170 percent the size of the mass of cash. Cheers dvers
  10. He explained that "the Central Bank has a reserve of foreign currency very comfortable, approaching close to $ 60 billion, compared to 43 trillion dinars, which means that it covers 170 percent of the size of the mass of cash."...if u ask me, we are not talking about 1dollar to 1 is more than that if it covers 170 percent ...

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