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  1. There is a country that will overhaul its currency in 2 weeks from this week..hope Iraq does something with its currency too.
  2. I have said in my previous post that Iran is going invade Iraq. Look what is developing now in the news, Iran just entered Basra and other cities to supposedly stop the protests(just more bloodsheds)...
  3. Isnt that remarkable? If the protests had not happenened, these nincompoops would not have done this, smh...these f^&&***## need to be forced..and the only way that these%&^^ can implement things such as this article is thru bloodsheed(look what is happening in the protests, there has been bloodsheed already...these protests will continue til there is a surrender)...i would not be surprised that the rv will soon reveal itself....see n watch. Cheers
  4. Those protesters know what they want..they want their currency to have a purchasing power. They want the old glory back...
  5. These protests are costing Iraq huge losses. Rv is going to offset the losses
  6. 6ly410, watching this thing unfolds..we may see a rate change this week..let's hope so anyway. Cheers
  7. The people have spoken...there will probably no more auctions. People wanted the corruprions to end...and auctions is where corruptions are. Let us hope we see a new rate from all this mess.
  8. Synopsis, u have a great weekend
  9. Chaotic environment(protests) -------suitable environment------rv
  10. Banks are losing more money from these protests....hope they regain loses by
  11. No auctions
  12. This whole mess is gonna end with the rv
  13. Yup, they are going to invade Iraq did to Kuwait

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