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  1. Two Gurus...Two Different Views.

    While I take Luigi's post with a grain of rock salt. He's got to have rhino skin with this crowd.
  2. Direction for Investments

    TMILLS6864 isn't a VIP member, so my guess would be in the sections for regular folk.
  3. Bank Story this afternoon! My brother went to Chase...

    Damn, are the bank stories making their rounds again? LOL
  4. Good info. Need people to run the store to make money.
  5. Forex Exchange USD/IQD 11.75 !!

    This has been on my phone for a while. $11.79 within 52 weeks I’ll take it
  6. The liberals will stop at "NOTHING" to try and smear and bring down President Trump! It's one lame try after another.
  7. Hello All...

    Thank you all for the welcome.
  8. Hello to everyone, I'll be honest, I'm here because the the former Dinar site I was on is now gone. I can say that I'm a one Dinar site kind of guy. This site is where I'm hitching my wagon to. I've been in the game since '08, so no drama here. In it for the long haul, if I can survive it.

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