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  1. As always .. politician always crazy..deception
  2. DOnt know what exactly is in their mind asking for manual recount since the final result still the same
  3. Uckiller

    CBI News 02/06/2018

    Hm..make sense..but normal condition when there is too money inflow..curency rate got impact by increase in value..central bank need to buffer .. mayb the way i think to complicated Iraq always can use cheat code i think..haha
  4. Uckiller

    CBI News 02/06/2018

    Im just wondering..what will happen to iqd value if let say donour country give iraq 100b usd for reconstruction? Its a big money..do cbi got enough reserve to maintain their pegging at 1190?
  5. Uckiller

    CBI News 11/08/2017

    Or mayb 119 dinar per 100usd?hehe
  6. Uckiller

    CBI News 11/02/2017

    Hopefully they peg their iqd with btc instead of usd
  7. Uckiller

    CBI News 11/02/2017

    I also think that way..world are changing from unilateral(usd) to multilateral(sdr)

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