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  1. Kuwait Airways begins using Iraqi airspace

    Im over the frustrations. Trying to be *cryptonite* Dinar is for sure 100% HODL!! LMAOOO If they do get a crypto coin might as well goin for the long haul cuz it will start off at 0.00010000 and than 6 yrs later BOOM 1000! That is simply Iraq!
  2. Kuwait Airways begins using Iraqi airspace

    just cmon already!! its not happening until at least jan 2nd but doubt it now they are having the budget law meeting watever the 4th? before or after? lol im sure afterrrrrrrr!!!! soooon hahahahaa
  3. Well idc how they do it as long as it happens. Since the ATMs are live and running, what is the hold up now?? And tyyyy bout the selfie!!
  4. So is this meaning that we would not be able to exchange ours until after the 2 years?
  5. I get that they say.million dollars but for how many dinars?
  6. So than what is the rate? There is 2 diff ones showing
  7. CBI News 12/14/2017

    What does this mean?

    stocks and options trades or complex?

    how do you sign up for this???
  10. CBI News 11/26/2017

    Its not translated in english. Anybody wanna in a few words what it says??
  11. Are they saying that they are deleting the zeros in 2018 or are they just making an opinion?
  12. Selling my dinar

    how much are you looking to get?
  13. Iranian Rial

    Oh boy. Def no exchange of the rial than right?
  14. Iranian Rial

    Awesome! Much appreciated!
  15. Shocking Admission Heard On CNN

    Quite frankly my input is we have been told democrats are for middle class people and out to help us. Republicans in for the rich people. THIS whole thing has took a turn on me. Cuz it all points to the democrats and their corrupt ways and all the lies being unfolded. They would kill us all of for money. That is what this boils down too. Between uranium, chemical spills, all the robbing and buying off people and sex offenders and just pure destruction behind hidden doors. Absolutely sickening people care only about themselves and their money. Controlling our weather and just so much the FBI, bush, clintons, jfk. Too much to list. Everyone hates Trump but he is the ONLY one watching out for everyone. The republicans. The world is truly screwed and we dont even know the half of it. I am so thankful that dirty grimy nasty carbons never became our president. Cuz we would be half dead by now.

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