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  1. As i read this i see State of Law will protect Maliki and Abadi's victory alliance will probably remain powerful with their connections to the USA. This just might work for all of us. Go RV
  2. That GOI may not get much done, but they never miss a chance at a holiday. Maybe by the time this is over they may have settled the May election Lol
  3. Have these guys heard of the internet? Like 95% of investing is done on line. Anybody with substantial net worth would be scared to set foot in that den of thieves .
  4. Donziman

    Oil prices fall as US inventories increase

    If you want to see oil prices go up just rv that dinar. I known i wouldn't be alone shopping for at least two maybe three muscle cars. They get about 8 miles to the gallon. Oh what fun.
  5. Pitcher i really enjoy your post,but this time i believe this is old news. We've heard this figure months ago. Maybe Abadi is bringing this back up to let Iran and Turkey know he is not going to help them during the US sanctions. They together couldn't raise 80 billion because they gave too much money to sponsor terrorism groups around the ME area.
  6. Let's look at the other article Iran says Iraq owes them billions in war reparations. One way to avoid that debt would ban iraqi banks and companies from doing busines with iran under the cover of Trumph's sanctions. Pretty smart if you think about it. Go Reform,Go reinstatement.
  7. Wow this is promising I always liked Hakim he seems to really try to put the people first. I'm sure he will be onboard with anti-corruption program.
  8. Abadi knows who is likely to put butter on his bread. Iran is broke. They spent all the money Obummer gave them on the militias stirring up trouble through-out the area of the middle east. If you had two uncles one rich and one poor who would you side with. HA
  9. Wow i don't know what this guy is smoking but i could use some of that. Just maybe he never looks out the window???
  10. This is amazing because as we all know the ministries should be going by a different name. (Avenues of stealing) How did they miss this surplus. Wow that is some kind of accounting system they are using .
  11. Abadi has been in politics a long time. It's not like he just found out about these people, i'm sure he was part of it just a few years ago. I'm just as sure Maliki knows everything about Abadi's involvement and that't why Maliki is still walking around a free man without a care in the world. These guys are all up to their necks in this dirty business of stealing the peoples money. My own personal opinion is the leaders will start another war so they will be off the hook with the IMF and not have to RV. That way the system of stealing can keep going.It wouldn't surprise me if the iran leaders all ready have a war plan after baiting the US and Isreal into an attack.The sanctions just started and iran is going broke. (and the answer is?) WAR.
  12. Looks like the greed of the leaders have followed the play book written by a guy named Baby Doc. He was in power in Haiti and stole all the wealth from the treasury. put it on a plane and left the country. They never did recover from that little trick and are among the poorest today forty years after the fact.

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