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  1. can't understand why not much electricity after we (us tax-payer) paid billions to build power plants.
  2. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Since this is an opinion piece im wondering if this guy is Hoarding dinar in his mattress ?
  3. Wow did we already forget Iran and Turkey were against the separation because they also have kurdish populations they were afraid may start a revolution in their countries. Talking out both sides of the mouth don't you think?
  4. Abadi has not done his homework . He has not limited the stealing and corruption in any of the departments. In other words same crap as Maliki. This does not sound like a country on the verge of revaluation. With no guarantee the money won't be stolen like so much already has, why would anyone want to get in bed with these thieves? Sorry folks no RV soooon

    That list of yoyo's is plenty long. I see DR Clarke sailed into the sunset circled the parking lot and like magic reappeared. I think MT Goat did this act too. what a laugh!
  6. I agree Laid Back Maybe we need Lugi to show up and tell them the truth LOL
  7. This surely not the first time US equipment falls into enemy hands. I often thought software on this stuff must have turn=off codes installed. We never know what friendly will be our next enemy. Even if not, do you think the builder would not know how to hack their own equipment ?
  8. I wonder if this small team linked to the supreme are going to be like the inspectors that come into the job as middle class managers and leave a few years later as very rich ex-government employees living out of the country. Maybe im just jaded lol
  9. Delta - Financial Situation Tables CBI !

    Thank you Thugs World Bank guarantee wahoo that should take the fear from jumping right in there. Go Kuwait. Enemies turned into friends. I like it.
  10. Maybe he thought it a trap to arrest . I think this trio are some of the biggest crooks in Iraq.
  11. Hey Ten Years I think you will be changing your handle to 15years. later lol
  12. Maliki was given the green light by Bremmer to appoint leaders that would take bribes and support his sick aspirations .This bribe money all came from American tax payers pockets lol
  13. Ten years could not agree more. There are a thousand political parties registered for the up coming election.Same crooks under different names. These guys have mastered the art of stealing Gov. money. lol your money and mine.

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