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  1. Hope all these dollar sales are not going to Iran. That's how they finance all the terrorist groups.
  2. KB you are too funny. When i read the fact that ATM's were getting arrested i just Knew you would crack me up' Wondering if the cops get to keep all those 100 dollars in the machines.
  3. I guess without this continuation we would not be allowed to keep throwing money in the pot hoping for some return of any kind some day some how. LOL
  4. Donziman

    Some good news

    News report World News 05/18/18 Sadar wins election but cannot be Prime minister because he didn't run in the election. He can give his support to anyone he wants but is leaning toward Abadi. Report says this dealing will probably take the full 90 days allowed to seat the Gov.
  5. I'm still waiting for a picture of the lower denom bill. If they are being dispursed via ATM we should be able to get pictures.
  6. Donziman

    Dr. Clarke 5/16/2018

    I'm with you KB.This person is a Dr of BS. When he said good-bye im riding off into the sunset i knew that would turn out to be wishful thing too.
  7. Donziman

    CBI News 05/16/2018

    If the CBI has bill boards showing lower Denoms why is it nobody has shown us a picture?
  8. Entering the time of political deals. Deals deals and more deals. Big jobs up for sale. Let's start the bidding. I do believe Sadr can bring in the prize and we will be better for it. Go Iraq
  9. I think i know how to read!!! Decision OF CBI immune from appeal. Does not mean the same as Decision of CBI not immune from appeal
  10. So come on guys. Where's all the comments? Since elections are in 5 days and the seating of the Government will take long into Ramadon. Nobody wants to relive the past delays. Come on it will be fun. Flashing back screens. stories of 800 numbers. Logic upon Logic on why this is happening on the next three day week-end. Shabbi still in the game.? How about all those secrets contacts at WF ?
  11. The IATOLA is feeling the squeeze. Running out of money to advance the terror and Israel is keeping pressure tight. When it rains on israel it floods on their enemy.
  12. Hey i like that New house speaker. Just in time to declare a new holiday (yet to be named)
  13. It's the free-for-all period. Steal all you can while nobody is in charge..
  14. Donziman

    Read The Economic Archive Morning

    Wow this guy can speak out of thee sides of the mouth. Does anyone want to translate ?
  15. At first i thought it was something Maliki cooked up because we all know of his band of thieves. Looks like everyone has there hand in the cookie jar. I don't think there is one person in the GOI that isn't scamming money one way or another. The place is awash with US taxpayer money like one of those air-blaster money machines. LOL

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