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  1. Just For Fun While We Wait...Enjoy.

    Don't forget kapow and boom! Heard it so much thought I was listening to old Batman reruns
  2. It looks to me like these articles refer to a redenominationon am I missing something? Been in this since 2011 not giving up till the fat lady sings I appreciate all your posts Yoda and dinar thug especially you crack me up !
  3. LD Issued To Banks.

    This says redenominated notes. This would not be good for us
  4. New CBI announcement 07/24/2017

    Don't they use a decimal for a comma?
  5. NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    I was thinking doesn't Iraq sometimes use a period instead of a comma 1.2 could mean 1,200 which is close to the exchange rate ...... Just a thought.

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