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  1. Chabo1

    CBI News 01/04/2018

    I saw he had his report out but video is unavailable for some reason
  2. Chabo1

    Just For Fun While We Wait...Enjoy.

    Don't forget kapow and boom! Heard it so much thought I was listening to old Batman reruns
  3. It looks to me like these articles refer to a redenominationon am I missing something? Been in this since 2011 not giving up till the fat lady sings I appreciate all your posts Yoda and dinar thug especially you crack me up !
  4. Chabo1

    LD Issued To Banks.

    This says redenominated notes. This would not be good for us
  5. Chabo1

    New CBI announcement 07/24/2017

    Don't they use a decimal for a comma?
  6. Chabo1

    NEW LOOK for CBI Website!

    I was thinking doesn't Iraq sometimes use a period instead of a comma 1.2 could mean 1,200 which is close to the exchange rate ...... Just a thought.

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