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  1. I don't think we've ever had any protection from them guys, nor do we need it. Our troops rule over there...go RV
  2. Delete Zeros Priority !

    I like the way you think LB..... go RV
  3. Your efforts are much appreciated... thank you Master YOTA.....
  4. I have always wondered who takes time to write this crap.......
  5. Thanks thug, i wish they would RV , so everyone could get on with their lives.......
  6. People seen to have a blind eye on that subject...
  7. Bank Story...DEFCON1 Alert.

    Second that.....
  8. Thank you for all posts Yota. Your efforts are much appreciated....

    I agree with you..... thanks for sharing 👍
  10. Would give you more +'s, but ran out.....😂
  11. Adam Montana Weekly - 25 July 2017

    No worries Adam , your the boss......

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