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  1. Right on. Well maybe this will force those to evaluate their wants and needs better. DECENTRALIZE!
  2. I get your argument that it hurst some, but im a minimalist as a side effect of decentralizing my own life. I honestly think consumerism needs to be reigned in and an attitude of self-reliance adopted. So im all for the pain!
  3. PeaceSign

    It's Called The 5G BEAST SYSTEM For A Reason

    Yea I agree digital is devil, I don't even like the fact that I have put pictures of my family in facebook, because I later realized they don't delete them and now they can use those for their own ends. there was a story sometime back about a girl who saw here face in fake story, and the pic had came from FB! So unfortunately I had to learn the hard way. But im aware now and im making sure my kids don't fall down the gullible track. and microchips are insane...im convinced that any wavelength can be transmitted to those and can actually alter your personality and behavior, so for me its more than just a tracking device its capabilities far exceed that.
  4. PeaceSign

    Heart - Love Alive

    The Sky was dark this morning When I raised my head I stood at the window - Darkness was my bane Suddenly a sunbeam arch Thrilled me to my weary heart It was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen I knew I had to keep my Love Keep my Love alive Keep my Love - Keep my Love live Baby I want you to roll me Hold me in your love No more habits, promises and jive Ever since I was a baby girl Wanted one thing most in this world It was to Keep My Love - Keep My Love alive I want to keep my Love - Keep my Love alive Keep my Love - keep my love alive You're up there under the spotlight Your silver trophy shines With all you got, my lord! You must get high You need a whole lot more than money You need more than to survive You need to keep your Love Keep your Love alive
  5. PeaceSign

    It's Called The 5G BEAST SYSTEM For A Reason

    Yea definitely crazy. The idea of owning anything digital as currency is still fiat in my mind. and microchips hell naw!
  6. maybe im a protectionist but if your company is "American" than shouldn't you be buying your raw materials from America? my opinion, this will force us to start opening our own mines. I personally don't like the idea of relying on countries (especially those who we fight with) to give us stuff. If I were president I wouldn't want to rely on anyone to feed "my" people?! Right?! They could impose tariffs on imports but we couldn't impose tariffs on exports?! Dude he is setting the playing field straight, if Canada wants to hike steel prices then watch them layoff their own workers...and watch us create more workers cus now we must mine. Old fashioned American Spirit. We build it ourselves or we don't need it.
  7. Hey Bostonangler all the stuff on that list has a knockoff brand that's cheaper, and I don't care for to big to fail companies like GM faking it to make it. And Coca-Cola has been feeding you toxin since inception... im good with it...if people were trying to save money they wouldn't look at this shiz anyways!!! so its up to them to snap out of it.
  8. Am I the only one thinking that the sound of his name is a pun? Peter Strokes!
  9. PeaceSign


    https://www.activistpost.com/2018/08/do-you-need-proof-of-weather-geoengineering.html and btw I feel this shouldn't even be an argument by now cuz so many government patents exist for your viewing but even without the patents just look up! you will see it. Cloudseeding is real. a few weeks ago I was reading about how ISIS claims they are dumping fecal matter on everyone (biological attack) who knows ANYTHING CAN BE PUT IN CANISTERS! So if your getting sick change your diet clean your lymph system cuz that's the only way your body will dump properly. Dr. Robert Morse and the Great lymphatic system says so: I also put this in the Natural Cures Section, This guy is awesome. Ive watched many of his vids and you can tell he loves humans.
  10. PeaceSign

    They're About to Unleash Their Final Phase!

    This is not at all far fetched...everything has a resonance, so if you match the resonance it amplifies and explodes. This has been around since the dawn of creation and I actually believe that that "firenado" in California has something to do with HAARP... The military has already used sound weapons, and to think that we haven't used lasers is silly. I remember when I first got turned onto flat earth was because I was searching "how did japan beam a green laser and it hit Chicago?" (cuz that actually happened) and my thought at the time was well that means that it bounced off something like a firmament? just saying to think that we don't have mad scientists is silly.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RTxSnQbn--E When you listen to this your body will ring like a bell cuz you will resonate with him. Did you know that 20% of our fluid in our body is blood (which transports nutrition to cells) and then 80% of fluid volume is LYMPH (which acts like a sewer and empties toxins)? Guess what happens when you take in more toxins and your body can't keep up with elimination...your bodies lymph system becomes backed up creating fibroids, cysts and tumors and all kinds of diseases! This guy will teach you more than any 5 specialist grouped together. He says its so simple...eat more alkaline foods (fruit) and stay away from acids (meat, dairy and toxins)
  12. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-08-11/free-speech-monopoly-game-rigged I agree with Tyler Durden on most of what he says but at the end he says all we can do now is wait it out and let the oligarchs play their game and reveal themselves...well in my opinion...they already have...interesting "political" times indeed!
  13. My bad this needed to be put in "politics"...
  14. https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/08/11/donald-trump-jeff-sessions-scared-stiff-and-missing-in-action-on-russia-probe/

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