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  1. Osama bin Laden Killed in Iraq

    Some boys who had seen too many missions prior to this were told to bring a body. The body was dumped off the side of a multimillion dollar ship in some place no one knows. At the time, we hoped the media coverage would stop the terrorism.
  2. Osama bin Laden Killed in Iraq

    reality check, his physical body was removed from Pakistan, thanks for shopping on black friday
  3. Osama bin Laden Killed in Iraq

    and this is interesting, how
  4. Nigeria mosque attack: teenage suicide bomber kills at least 50

    Thanks for paying attention. The world outside US borders lives with memory of wars past. European politicians actually question if they should join. Tough to talk to those who haven't been there.
  5. SEALS kill Green Beret?

    If most of the followers actually served, this would be understood. Some missions cross sabers. Tough to explain to the coroner and the family. The military can absorb many more of these.
  6. Member Photos

    Thanks again for the quick reply. So I signed in tonight and all I saw was personal pics. Tried to navigate the site, and wow, there it is again. Good chance I will stop being a paying member and just wing it. Bought mine in country. Peace.
  7. Member Photos

    Thanks for the quick reply. Sooooo...should we really be seeing pics of an actual member? Just saying.
  8. Member Photos

    Can we move member pics to a specific tab? If this thing pays out, anyone who finds the site will know way too much about LGD. Just saying...
  9. So I can't get access to my military TSP...hmmm...hopes and prayers for all
  10. Anyone remember al Jazeera? I bet not. They used to show questionable stuff. I know them because they aired videos of the effectiveness of IEDs. They sold out and adjusted their format accordingly. I mention this because we have access to decent news media, if we take a moment to look...
  11. The final result of the battle of Mosul .. Let the finger pointing commence...
  12. Not in the news, no popular singer involved

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