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  1. SOFA agreements have limitations. I wouldn't expect conventional media to touch on any of the crucial points. Just saying.
  2. History bugs most people. Too much remembering. Places, people, facts, times. The region we're so interested in is a part of history. World leaders know these things. They send their minions out to protect what they can. When it gets beyond manageable, it shows up in the news. Imagine hearing news about your hometown. If it was written by a local, how would that sound? Downtown USA could be described as hostile, unpredictable, to be avoided. Not on your hotel booking website for sure...
  3. Hang in there. I still hope it will get better because I was in country and talked to the people who were affected. Pretty sure I mentioned in a previous post that the locals "just want their lives back."
  4. Gotta pipe in here. No one that I've met since has been willing to admit we weren't fighting Iraq's. It's like some big hush-hush. I made a post about how we were tasked to do the right thing, for our foreign fighters. Feel free to check my posts.
  5. Okay folks, slow down. We're watching kids discover government. Lord of the flies comes to mind. It's a book and movie. Anyone ever seen kids confronted when something is broken? That's what we're dealing with. I had a friend in college say he liked it better when Saddam was in charge. Saddam created a standing army for us to deal with. How? No one in Iraq had to work, if they didn't want to. No poverty. Just government checks. The flip side is when he knew we were coming, he told his peeps to stash guns. So mental math government check...stashed guns...incoming bad guys...
  6. I'm guessing there's more to this than we can fathom. I remember enjoying our trips into their controlled territories. I felt safer there. Not sure why. They seemed so casual about everything that was going on back in '03. Almost like they finally stepped out of the dark ages and they were waiting for their neighbor with cars on blocks to do the same. Suppose they have little faith in the new government-sponsored army and intend to do away with the local insurgent population. Yes, they are there. All the locals know who the bad guys are. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. Best way to get their attention is with media. Imagine 8 year old boys, who are scared of girls, running your country...
  7. Gotta pipe in here. Night mission, watching the bullets fly over Mosul. Saw most had green tracers. Decided it was celebratory gunfire. Asked my interpreter how to fix things. Opened up a can of worms. One of the things he said sticks with me to this day. "We all lie, we need politicians that don't, most of us just want our lives back."
  8. Thanks for this. I was dumbfounded by the number of kids who spoke English. I never felt good just giving them stateside packages of crayons and pens. I wanted to apologize for being there. Thanks again.
  9. OMG you are amazing! Thank you kind sir!!!
  10. We were directed to escort dead foreign fighters to a graveyard I don't remember. I do remember ak47 rifles engraved on the headstones. Someone else who's been there can totally chime in. Point of this is that my folks did not kill any Iraqi's. I have a sneaking suspicion that we never fought Iraqi's at all. Just something to ponder...
  11. No worries folks. Thanks for all the effort. I submitted a shot of dinar with my screen name for verification some time ago. No idea where that went. Please don't lose sleep over this. Thanks again.
  12. Okay folks, the fact they are talking about 'western' stuff is a good sign. That means they're watching the news like us.
  13. Oops. Didn't spot the response. Sorry. Is there a way to upload a pic that is small enough? I reduce things down as best I know how, then get the message that it's too large. Thank you for your help with this.
  14. I wonder what it will take to get the private citizens back in their banks. I recall conversations where people we worked with didn't hate or like us. We were just the next occupying force. This is a country that has been fighting too long and has grown jaded. Unfortunately for us, they know if they hold cash, they can leave when things get ugly and the banks are closed. Maybe a permanent US base will bring in the people who are still sitting on the fence. And yes, I would totally do a tour at a developed base in Baghdad. Met a ton of awesome people who just wanted their lives back and would really enjoy seeing them again.