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  1. So I can't get access to my military TSP...hmmm...hopes and prayers for all
  2. Anyone remember al Jazeera? I bet not. They used to show questionable stuff. I know them because they aired videos of the effectiveness of IEDs. They sold out and adjusted their format accordingly. I mention this because we have access to decent news media, if we take a moment to look...
  3. The final result of the battle of Mosul .. Let the finger pointing commence...
  4. Not in the news, no popular singer involved
  5. Anyone remember them saying their air force was more effective than ours in the hunt for Daesh? I mentioned trying to work with the locals only to find they finger-point worse than us. Pretty sure I recommended reading or watching Lord of The Flies to get a better grasp on what we're working with here. It's likely that Wikipedia has the cliff notes.
  6. What's worshipped in the states? Rap comes to mind. Can we really say we're any better?
  7. Iraq: 125 Journalists Killed Since 2006

    I wish the best for their families. Having been there...I recall stories from 'boots on the ground' reporters not matching what we experienced with our 'embedded' personnel. Let the negs begin...
  8. How about an RV? .86 sound okay? Just a shot in the dark...
  9. Pretty sure their trials are closer to the American Wild West...if we could just get Maliki in the fair trial line...
  10. The final result of the battle of Mosul ..
  11. So if they take the path similar to former Russian states...
  12. Sadrist movement cancels next Friday's demonstrations

    Just wondering how to stop a protest. Am I missing something here? Are they really so organised that the protests are managed? Not getting the whole picture. Sorry, just thinking outloud.
  13. SOFA agreements have limitations. I wouldn't expect conventional media to touch on any of the crucial points. Just saying.
  14. History bugs most people. Too much remembering. Places, people, facts, times. The region we're so interested in is a part of history. World leaders know these things. They send their minions out to protect what they can. When it gets beyond manageable, it shows up in the news. Imagine hearing news about your hometown. If it was written by a local, how would that sound? Downtown USA could be described as hostile, unpredictable, to be avoided. Not on your hotel booking website for sure...

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