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  1. IQD 0.0015 on Google!

    Wont believe it until posts it. But i do believe the pig is on flight line doing his pre flight checks. Getting ready to fly
  2. CBI News 03/12/2018

    You can read that
  3. Facebook Maliki exposed to piracy

    Throw a shoe at him
  4. Great idea. But maybe the news writer should know his automotive terminology. Tailgates are on pickups. Deck lids are on cars. But go RV
  5. CBI News 01/31/2018

    It seems the pig is on the runway doing as flight checks to Get Ready To Fly. Go RV
  6. On the Kuwait dinar. I read that that's how clinton droppped the deficit at the end of his first term. The U.S. exchanged there currency and that was the reason it was dropped so much. I was in country at that time. My old captain got me into foreign currency exchange. Made alot and lost it all in investment here in the stated.
  7. Bluesky i believe i see your message. Dollar devalues like it has to about .68 cents to what it once was. So in fact dinar increases in value. Need to stop drinking this early. God bless
  8. I remember a while back about dinar tied to 5 currencies. Irag iran were like ying and yang. India vietnam and another country i don't recall. Rupies just climbed after there currency cleanup last yr. So i dont see them rving again. If this is rumors i apologize. Been reading in shadows for yrrrrs now.
  9. Jake21 idk if your a newbie but they keep on putting out smoke. It happens multiple times a yr for many years. If your not in it for the future. Sell now and get out of the game. When it happens it will happen.
  10. Thanks master Yota. Looking real good. Maybe Saint Nickolas will give all of us a great present this yr.
  11. CBI News 12/05/2017

    Do i see them getting dinar not dollars. Thx master yota

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