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  1. Alex87

    1.2 : $1 IS NOT anything new!

    People have been saying that for 10+ years.
  2. Alex87

    Warka accounts and stocks

    JMO but I think proxy shares are a lost cause and any that were put in "your good name" are being held until they get cleared to operate. Investorsiraq seemed to be leading on info regarding ISX/Warka but it seems to be gone now, not sure why. Any money in savings accounts I wouldn't worry about, you'll be able to eventually get it the question is when.
  3. Heck no, I'm starting to even think the ISX wont workout how I/we are hoping.
  4. Alex87

    Warka Proxy

    Does anyone have any information on stocks that are still held in porxy? I got them around 06-ish and havn't been able to get any information from Warka about them in the past 2 years. I know there are members here with connections/info in Iraq that might be able to help us that still have stock in proxy. Thanks for any help/info.

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