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  1. Im staying right here in horse country. And I will still grow my own beans. (Half Runners)
  2. Just joking around Gypsy. I lived in Florida for many years until I couldn't stand the fast pace. Moved back to Kentucky and now I have 35 cows, 1 rottie, 6 chickens, and 2 other dogs that I don't know what they are and my cat that sits on my chair while I am typing and waiting for a rv.
  3. The Pils are definitely out. Did you see those pigeons.
  4. Thats worth every penny if I could have my rottie and my cat. See if he would take 6 chickens.
  5. Yep. You need a RV. Cant even imagine what it cost to live there since I left 10 years ago.
  6. It really doesn't matter anymore. It has been so long. If something does happen, Im going to contribute to the ED Cure-a-Thon.
  7. Its a Lib rag. Believe me on this one.
  8. I wonder if Maliki has his (USA) money in Iranian banks. Im thinking, follow the money.
  9. They have their own little bloods VS crips thing going but on a bigger scale. (Just a little sarcasm for the libs)
  10. Your right. You get past Mt. Vernon and it could be a 20 cents difference.
  11. 1.99 a gallon today in Corbin Kentucky.
  12. This may sound cruel to some. But as far as im concerned, these muslims can kill each other at will. I wont lose sleep one bit.
  13. Broham with the mustache cheated.