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  1. I had one bitchin Deutsch girl at one time also.
  2. AMFE

    Munsch. Should I have sold while it was up? Will it go back up? Or am I too late like usual?
  3. How many people here would cash in at 5 cents?
  4. Niche Sprechenzee Deutch. Although I live there for three years.
  5. Come on Davis, everybody knows that. I will buy to a drink when this thing hits tomorrow.
  6. This is no secret. The rate is 3.64 and everybody knows it.
  7. Waiting for somebody to do something for them and not doing anything for themselves. Its almost like a lot of kids we have growing up in todays society.
  8. I think Maliki is feeling some heat. Why all of a sudden articles coming out with him making excuses.
  9. Unless I read it wrong. Trying to tax your way to prosperity has never worked.
  10. CBI: Monetary Policy Research Journal

    Mr unlikely, Im not going to neg you for the comment, but I would ask you to study capitalism.
  11. CBI: Monetary Policy Research Journal

    And most important. Thanks Climber7
  12. I was just ready to quit my job but then I remembered that I own my own company.
  13. Me too. I will give half of my dinars to my 2 kids and see what happens. That would be just for Shiite and giggles just to get a reaction.
  14. You watch. This idiot will invest.

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