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  1. Mr unlikely, Im not going to neg you for the comment, but I would ask you to study capitalism.
  2. And most important. Thanks Climber7
  3. I was just ready to quit my job but then I remembered that I own my own company.
  4. Me too. I will give half of my dinars to my 2 kids and see what happens. That would be just for Shiite and giggles just to get a reaction.
  5. You watch. This idiot will invest.
  6. Need to go out and buy a ton of that crap so I can just add on to the ton of crap that I am holding from just about every other continent. Its easy to store though.
  7. Did you go to Bourbon? Im trying to save your life. lol
  8. I guess it is not customary to call customs. They come to you. Its not supposed to work that way.
  9. You have great patience PP
  10. Love your sarcasm md11.
  11. Forgive me for still being confused, but Im going to take it as they need more holiday days so they can RV. Just looking on the bright side.
  12. Not sure that is going to happen at anytime soon.
  13. I you are right. Your noggin is better than my noggin.