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  1. From the Media Office of Abadi

    I need to read it in Arabic before I can make my own decision.
  2. UST Orders banks to release the #800.

    I would eat that. It looks good. I like squid.
  3. Iraq invested $ 19.9 billion in US bonds

    Please return my tractor and 4 wheeler. You can keep the weed eater.
  4. We are not the only ones on planet earth to view these people in the same light. I just wish they could understand what others in this atmosphere see of them.
  5. Don't give up now. Just wait. We are almost done. Lunacy cant last forever
  6. After all these years, believe it or not this is where I come to get hope.
  7. Iraq invested $ 19.9 billion in US bonds

    You mean my name has been Peter all this time?

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