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  1. Nine Currencies To Revalue..20 Nov.

    Karsten. No Offense. But my wife is from Utah and JMO but I don't think anybody likes their neighbors there. They just act like they do.
  2. Workshop on the WTO Accession of Iraq

    It just must be me. But everytime I see WTO I think NWO. I need to get that out of my head.
  3. Three whacks on the Pee-Pee and swear to never to do it again. All in favor???
  4. Earth Quake

    Im just leary, because of what the bible says about false prophets. I don't know anymore than anyone else, but I was always cautioned about this at a young age growing up in Bible study. Hell, as far as im conserned, Hillarious C. is a false prophet and Harry R. is the anti-Christ.
  5. I think the only person I ever negged was Mrunlikely or something like that. Or maybe corellothecamelhumper. Who knows.
  6. I read it three times and was wondering who was supposed to be polishing who's brass. If I was Poland, I would say WTH are you thinking.
  7. If its for your beliefs Botz, Don't let it bother you. A lot of atheist out to make a point these days. I have tried to talk to them and its useless.
  8. Wasn't me. I like those two ladies and their opinions.
  9. JMO. But if I were to do it all over again, I would have started a Dinar Singles web site. . I would be rich by now.
  10. It wasn't me. I have only negged one person in my lifetime on this board. Notice I said (LIFETIME). That's what it feels like.
  11. I will buy a boat from you. Im tired of hunting gators from my son in laws boat. Although we are always successful, I may be tired of getting in the water after this thing breaks. I will bring him from Bell, Fl.

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