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  1. Mr. 10YL, Glad to see you are improving. I have some well researched locations that should help your transition to the, "New diet/tropical regime" post RV. In reading on another thread where you were researching theoretical physics. Michio Kaku has quite a few sequential books on this and related subjects and his writing style is very entertaining. If nothing else, it keeps the mind sharp while waiting for this adventure to come to fruition. Take care.
  2. Up vote and a trophy for your troubles. Keep up the good work!
  3. Dreamers

    Very well said Sir. Thank you for saying what needs to be said. Good day.
  4. More than ready Mr. Finley. Let the new chapter begin with all minor mistakes forgiven!
  5. Yes Sir, I've had to use the scissors more than once to get free and dive back in... In the end, if you can get past the fuzzy part it is actually pretty simple how we are effected. OOPS! Here I go again, now back to our regularly scheduled program... Keep the good news coming and, GO MOOLA NOVA!!!
  6. Mr. Synopsis, I too have the blessing/curse of an analytical mind and really appreciate your taking the time to share your perspective. Your linguistic skills are far superior to mine but we are on the same page. Interestingly enough the mathematics and physics has led my curiously to expand into theoretical physics which is a whole new world to me. Exploring the laws of that world has opened my eyes to some very interesting aspects of energy (which encompasses everything from thought to what we perceive as a solid object) at the sub-atomic level. I'm science based and not the warm and fuzzy type. I leave that to my better half. I'd better stop and just say, we're going to need at least a case of rum on the beach to go down this road but hey, well have the time. I look forward to it!
  7. Mr. S, I've missed our conversations as well. All is well here and wish you the same. While I do not see a storm on the horizon, I do get the distinct feeling there is a new moon coming for all of us. Whether out in the big blue or on the top of a mountain, always trust your instinct. It never lies and all you have to do is listen. As you so eloquently put, "Maybe something, maybe nothing" but I haven't had this excitement regarding this speculative investment in quite a while. YEAH BABY!
  8. Well ladies, I'm batting a thousand today... Apparently I should pay more attention. Sorry, my mistake. I will take the lashings and only ask not to be limited to providing, "2 Umbrella Drinks". After all, I have been put in charge of the rum for the RV Party and have a few connections... Let's get this thing started!!!
  9. Thank you Mr. P., I was unaware and no offence was meant, my apologies.
  10. Mr Rmc10, Agreed, same here. With movement on multiple sites it appears to be more than a glitch. As a good friend of ours says, "Maybe something, maybe nothing" but it is interesting to say the least. GO MOOLA NOVA!
  11. Good to see you back 10YL, Best wishes on a speedy recovery! It's a good sign when your comments just as ornery as they were before. FIRE AWAY Matey!
  12. You are very welcome, Sir. Take care tomorrow and we wish you a speedy recovery. We've got post event things to do!
  13. 10YL, Actually, we who have been here quite a while enjoy your sarcasm! Not like they don't deserve it and you are just stating what we all are thinking. Between you and KB, it helps us cope. Striking out and criticizing another's point of view never ends well but let us all hope NDA doesn't cross, the Gals... For his/her sake. Keep it up!
  14. Facebook Maliki exposed to piracy

    Mr. 10YL, Bring the rope, I've got the yardarm covered! Never mind, bring the rum we've got plenty of rope!

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