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  1. Yes Sir, Honesty is always the best policy and because I am an Eagle Scout (funny the things that stick with you and appreciate after many, many, many decades) I'll keep preparedness in mind. Yes and my choice of a new wardrobe will be a new pair of shorts and a tank top for the Post RV gathering where we'll trade ideas. I'm probably ditching the shoes FOREVER! Take care my friend and Go RV!!!
  2. No need for the depends but per your advise, they are within arms reach. If that isn't fast enough, I'll be shopping for a new wardrobe anyway... Go RV!!!
  3. Mr. Synopsis, Thanks for the DISCLAIMER, It made my day and I'm still laughing. Have a great weekend all.
  4. Moose, Had one, Senior in High School. It was not family oriented but a lot of fun... Thanks for the memories.
  5. Thanks, I sense something on the horizon and we will know in a very short while. Have a great weekend.
  6. Mr. Finley, If so, definitely! But... This has to be some of the miscommunication we were looking for and pretty good at that. There is WAY, WAY to much money contracted, invested and expected in an ROI from the PTB to go back into the stone age with Malarkey. It's just my opinion but it is coming to a head and the big guys in worlds monetary system are not going to go for, "We'll catch you next year...". My .
  7. Tiger, Thank you for your tireless efforts in keeping us informed. I look forward to sitting down for a cocktail after this so you can tell me how you find all this information. Go RV!
  8. Interesting thread to say the least... I have seen some of the news you mention but Mr. Montana owns this playground and we respect his rules or we do not get to play. An honest answer to your first question, we really do know for certain as there no way to verify the intent of the statement or any facts. At that point, we usually shake our heads and move on as we've heard it many times. Speculative Long Term Investment - yes we all know this and have for a very LONG time. Impatient - Patients turned to impatient about a decade ago for the most of us. Deserve to profit form Iraq - We are minnows in a very large ocean of big fish going down this path. We're just picking up crumbs and most of us have pledged to improve the lives of others when the event transpires. Most of us ended up here because we were tiered of the constant B.S. from the Guru sites and found it a place to discuss and VENT in a somewhat safe environment with the respect of others. The best place is on the other side of the VIP curtain where many great discussions occur. Some of us are at this point, pretty grumpy, testy and need a long vacation. Myself included... There are many on this site far more knowledgeable on this subject than I and a great source of information. Please feel free to use it. There are two pieces of advise I can give you; 1) Use the Rumors section for entertainment purposes only. 2) Do not pi$$ off the Sarg's Gals. Now back to your regularly scheduled program, have a nice day.
  9. W, My thoughts exactly. WE'RE BACK, now behave...
  10. Since the "Universe Channel" as my wife calls it is really the only show I regularly watch, the saying. is perfect! Note: While she is interested, it puts her right to sleep. Thanks for the explanation now let's this show on the road! Go Moola Nova it is!!!
  11. Cigars, absolutely. Looking forward to it. A combined list between all the DV survivors would be interesting and keep us entertained for quite a while. As there are no stupid questions in life, what is Moola Nova? An explosion of money comes to mind but I'm curious.
  12. I've used up all my decision MOJO at my age so you pick the location. I have some ideas but "Have Moola Nova, Will Travel"...
  13. Agreed, change in plans. Ready now, awaiting the GO notification. First rounds on me!
  14. Depends ready and within arms reach. We are ready to exit the vehicle when it comes to a complete stop, Mr. S.