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  1. CaptainBVI

    Silly Smiles

    Thanks for the smile Moose.
  2. CaptainBVI

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Mr. Thug, Thank you for all your work and especially the highlights. After so many years and so many articles we're starting to see, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla, Bla without them. Thanks again and good day, Sir.
  3. CaptainBVI

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    To you as well. Love the dog's expression in your avatar!
  4. CaptainBVI

    The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Ms. Michymateo Thank you for sharing the rally call. Don't take the ALL CAPS thing personally. When you get older you'll understand that we old salts just have a hard time actually being able to read it... We do appreciate your putting yourself out there with your beliefs as this is a tough crowd to say the least... I do understand your point when it comes to the vibrations of the universe and applaud you! My journey, while it ended up in the same place was through mathematics then physics then theoretical physics (which almost made my head explode multiple times...). After that it became very simple and you'll find there are quite a few others here that understand this as well. It's not so much negative here on the forum, just venting. People cope with life in their own way and that's OK. On this forum we all have our days and the others step in to help. Note: It is very difficult to express emotion with a keyboard and quite often it is mistaken as negative. Thank you again and have a great day, Mam.
  5. Mr LGD, Good to hear from you and hope all is well. Yes, that's another very disturbing subject. Thanks for sharing. Good day, Sir.
  6. Mr. Umberto, Thank you for the clarification. The sun is shining, it's 5:00 somewhere and a beer is calling me. I shall toast you. Have a great weekend.
  7. Mr. Umberto, I normally do not go into the weeds but when you state, "While the term divides us now, its history dates back to a time when mineworkers battled big coal – similar to teachers standing up for funding", is not even relevant. It does hit a nerve with an old subject when we had children in public school. Appropriate funding, ABSOLUTELY! This is where we part on this subject... Administrative accountability is the issue with me and others. With a little research on the various public school district websites you will find the average Superintendent of Schools makes $350,000 to $500,000 per year. While slightly lower the upper administrative personnel are raking it in as well. Why? More money doesn't solve the problem and the teachers get their fiscal house in order. End of rant, off to more important items. Good day, Sir.
  8. Master Yota, Thank you for brining all this information. We know and appreciate all your hard work. Of course Iran, Syria and Russia want it to stop, they have their own oppressive agenda. No thin red line, no preliminary speeches just a very precisely executed plan no matter how the media tries to spin it. Basically, "If you do not follow the rules of the world, we are not going to say, please stop". The message was sent last year and reaffirmed this year. I don't know if they will listen this time but we do know that if the current leash on Mattis (no insult meant) gets taken off, it will be a whole new enlightenment for them. Let's pray it doesn't come to that but sometimes, you've go to kick a mans a$$.
  9. Mr 10YL, Yea... In their bright baby blue uniforms.
  10. Mr. Pitcher, Good call and I agree that Abadi may be getting ready to clear the air on quite a few things. Note: I read earlier you we're going to change your avatar periodically. Don't, that one is awesome for many reasons! Good day, Sir.
  11. CaptainBVI

    CBI Quote..."It's Time To Delete The Three Zeros"

    Mr. Synopsis, To you as well good Sir. I do believe we have more hear in attendance than their parliament ever mustered. Time to queue up our representative, Mr. 10YL for his address to the CBI and take the gloves off for a change. Cheers and Go Moola Nova (YEAH, BABY!!!)!!!
  12. CaptainBVI

    Trump's Stormy Daniels Controversy

    Mr. Synopsis, We'll said my friend. I have not come face to face with a one of those types in a while. Not since that last time and........ see you at the gathering for that story. Good day, Sir.
  13. CaptainBVI

    CBI Quote..."It's Time To Delete The Three Zeros"

    Hear as well! With 5 now is that a quorum? Go 1:1 MOOLA NOVA!!! AARRGGHHH...
  14. Mr. 10YL, With his financial background I never expected Abadi to have an, "A Type" personality with a temper. He has however, shown himself to be a masterful chess player with very few power pieces to work with all while his opponents are fully loaded for bear. With these articles I see, they are beginning to panic, spraying bullets everywhere in a random pattern. My gut feeling is Abadi knows what is on the line and has enough influence to have the CBI pull the trigger when he's sure his enemies will not be able to take full advantage of the event. Though balancing act for sure but you are correct, this is for all the marbles! Glad to see you are feeling better. Good day, Sir.

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