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  1. Thank you and they serve us well. If this thing pops, the humble abode will more than likely upgraded to a larger/faster unit. Inspection invitations will of coarse be issued with LAT/LON. Sorry for the plagiarizing of your slogan but I couldn't help it... I really like the Pirate Ship (for obvious reasons) but I'm trying not to go over the line too far.
  2. This is very revealing... Frist Barzani - Expose the corruption, show leadership (Abadi) and the willingness to call a bluff with the backing of the military. All this while consistently playing the national unity card. Retrieve the looted funds then rally the new found allies. After that, the same can be done with Maliki with the backing of the rest of the country. Not a bad plan and execution, this might work. There are to many to thank for the updates so thanks to all at DV!!! We've have been staying out of harms way and while it is always beautiful here getting/staying logged in has been quite a challenge. My apologies on not specifying where here is but I'm thinking it's best to start this new habit on an open forum. I've revised the list post RV and the 1st thing to happen is the installation of an encrypted internet satellite system even if it is only to stay in touch with my new found friends. Thanks again and keep the good news coming? Almost forgot, GO MOOLA NOVA!!!
  3. Unfortunately it seems to be the one of the only things they understand, like shoe throwing... where did that come from? Perhaps if they did more than throw shoes, something (or anything) would get accomplished.
  4. Do I purchase more Dinar???

    Mr. Synopsis, My apologies for helping this thread off the tracks. This journey makes us all a little crazy and focus is easily lost on the subject at hand. Thank you for sharing the story however.
  5. Do I purchase more Dinar???

    Mr. Synopsis, Whatever makes one happy!!! I do love hand cannons as well but out in open waters there are times when nefarious characters are obvious. With family and friends always around, sometime you have to reach out and touch someone who is making a bad life choice. For that reason my favorite defense is an M82A3 and even with my advancing age, still good for a mile at 2,900 ft/s. After the RV we'll install an ADS system. If you have it, you'll never need it...
  6. Mr. LGD, Tough to reply from my current location but we'll try. Bipolar... Thant would be me all the way (according to my wife at least). Ranting... I have my days as well. Jesus freak... I am as well in my own way for a Pirate of sorts. You spend enough time on the ocean and you attain a great deal of respect for the unseen. Believe the word of God as written... I'm a math guy but attempt to grasp the concept as anything that has been around this long must have some credibility. Thanks for the uplift. It's good to see you posting so, Rant Away!
  7. I look forward to it as well. Tough getting on-line but we're all good.
  8. All good here. Below 12 before the 21st are the rules. Mother Nature's rules are nothing to trifle with but most just don't listen... Intermittent service here but the view is quite awesome.
  9. As always, well stated my friend. How I do look forward to your eloquent presentations. Go Moola Nova!!!
  10. Issue No. 4430 Dated 9/1/2017 !

    No worries, thanks for the concern Mr. Finley. They come every year and we just change scenery... We were below the twelve, long before the twenty first! Sorry, South of the 12th degree of Latitude prior to July 21st. If we can get this RV going, opt for a plane, I know a place or two to meet...
  11. Issue No. 4430 Dated 9/1/2017 !

    To you as well. Let's get this thing off the blocks on the hard and in the water!
  12. Issue No. 4430 Dated 9/1/2017 !

    Mr. Synopsis, We humbly await your concise summary of this long winded document. Sorry, you being the best has it's burdens as well... And of course Go Moola Nova!
  13. Reject Washington, that happens every where/every day. Reject Mattis directly, probably not a good career choice for Barzani...

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