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  1. Yes DT that would be a stretch but hey, it's a fun thought and we are many! Have a great day.
  2. Anytime and have fun. I suggest keeping your rum level consistently high. On our last trip to the area the wife got sick for about three weeks from a virus but she only drank foo-foo drinks. I did not get sick but no bacteria or virus stood a chance in my blood stream.
  3. It's the only one of the lesser Antilles I like. Unfortunately the other islands down in the area really have no sustainable industry or employment unless they work for a resort. They live in poverty and unknowingly bring superbugs to the tourists, be careful! Now the middle and upper Antilles are a completely different story.
  4. Not at this time but when this hits it will be my first stop to provision for our gathering. They have one of the best rums out there and I cannot come empty handed. Nothing but the best for my friends and the journey is always fun.
  5. It will be Barbados rum here and a toast to my DV in the North. I won't even care what people think.
  6. DV64, Nice choice and although this is the, "Rumors" section I sincerely hope this is true and you enjoy the time with your wife. I'll keep the pic and an eye out for you. If we don't cross paths, we will in Valhalla. It has been a pleasure, Sir.
  7. I'm sure he did Snow but with a Cheshire Cat grin...
  8. Thanks for the laugh your Mooseness. I needed that!
  9. If we could find out his current role so could the nefarious characters trying to stop this and that would not be good. Abadi may not have an A-Type personality but he loves his country and knows talent. If my old memory serves was also close to Shabibi. Even in advanced age, I'm sure he is playing a role behind the scenes as he is definitely the brightest bulb in the box. We, more than likely will not know his part until long after his plan is completed if ever. Sooner if Malarkey and his henchmen are brought to justice. I would highly doubt he will take or want any credit because at this point in his life, "Knowing" and a smile to himself will mean much more than any headline.
  10. Thanks snow. Had to use headphones to hear all the words but... Even fighting through the language barrier without spilling the beans, it is easy to see he is brilliant.
  11. Chuck, We can't have a neg on your stellar record so here's a +.
  12. To you as well my new found friend and all of DV.
  13. Mr. Synopsis, As always, your analysis is spot on. The one thing that sticks in my mind comes from the 3,000 foot view. The war machine has run it's course in Iraq and will move off to it's next venue. There has been WAY to much preparation by outside investors to make a lot of money in a secure environment. I HIGHLY doubt these players will allow the sectarian violence propagated by outside influences (Iran, Syria, etc.) to cut into their profits which is good for us. Thank you for you thoughts.
  14. As with most stories, there is a lot of truth in there. I can just look at it with a different perspective now. Thanks for sharing.