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  1. 2 Questions....

    It took a while to download, but so worth reading. Thank you for taking the time and keep the thoughts coming. Yes I'm still lost, but it is by design and we shall talk soon. Go Moola Nova!
  2. Any new thoughts on the CBI host web pages?

    So ready to start the new chapter as well...
  3. Any new thoughts on the CBI host web pages?

    As always, clear concise and uplifting. Thank you and have a great weekend. GO, GO Moola Nova! The emoji button for the Pirate Ship is not showing but I'm there. How did you get a picture of us anyway?
  4. Take a Knee My @ss!

    Mr. Wave, Very touching and I could not agree more. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Nice, Master Yota. Hopefully you can quit posting in the near future with your last one calling the RV!
  6. Attachments

    There is a 500KB allocation for images. Is there a way to delete previously posted images and repost new ones? If you go to, "My Attachments" it shows them but there is no delete button or delete command. Please help. Thanks
  7. Men say Women should come with instructions...

    Best of your weekend to you as well my friend! I always have the confidence but when you don't have to, why not wait until after the hurricane cycle ends at the end of this month. There is definitely better access to the internet the farther North you go but I have a fix for that post RV. If things keep going forward in the sand box, it may be perfect timing for a social gathering of the emotionally abused here at DV. Good to hear from you. Take care and of course, Go Moola Nova!
  8. Men say Women should come with instructions...

    I'm not trying to run the subject off the rails but need some help and this thread is pretty spot on and fun as well. I apparently have reached my limit on images. What is the process to delete an image to free up the allocation? Undoubtedly it's an operator error on my end but I cannot find the button.
  9. Watching it now. Yes, below the 12 so It shouldn't be an issue. Nice detective work. The break from the sun and a cool breeze is actually quite nice. Thanks for asking and take care.
  10. Not much internet here and no confirmation of sent items. My apologies for the multiple postings.
  11. Mr. DA, You can of coarse re-name a boat/ship and while it's not as simple as filling out a piece of paper, the ceremony is short, quite interesting and yes it involves Champaign. Most say, "All that stuff doesn't matter...." but it eventually doesn't work out well for those. I'd be happy to help post RV.
  12. Thank you and they serve us well. If this thing pops, the humble abode will more than likely upgraded to a larger/faster unit. Inspection invitations will of coarse be issued with LAT/LON. Sorry for the plagiarizing of your slogan but I couldn't help it... I really like the Pirate Ship (for obvious reasons) but I'm trying not to go over the line too far.
  13. This is very revealing... Frist Barzani - Expose the corruption, show leadership (Abadi) and the willingness to call a bluff with the backing of the military. All this while consistently playing the national unity card. Retrieve the looted funds then rally the new found allies. After that, the same can be done with Maliki with the backing of the rest of the country. Not a bad plan and execution, this might work. There are to many to thank for the updates so thanks to all at DV!!! We've have been staying out of harms way and while it is always beautiful here getting/staying logged in has been quite a challenge. My apologies on not specifying where here is but I'm thinking it's best to start this new habit on an open forum. I've revised the list post RV and the 1st thing to happen is the installation of an encrypted internet satellite system even if it is only to stay in touch with my new found friends. Thanks again and keep the good news coming? Almost forgot, GO MOOLA NOVA!!!

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