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  1. While I'm no expert in currency's, looked it up and WOW... that's a lot of lost dollars.
  2. Agreed Mr. Frag, I cannot think of a better way to throw off the currency speculators combined with their never ending postponements. Misdirection, very possibly.
  3. DW, Thanks, I feel really dated now and while some of it has been demoted to "vented for chores clothing" I still sport my "Hang Ten" attire.
  4. Adam, As a former member of, "The Shark Bait Surf Team" I understand that scenario completely. Thanks. On another note, with all the roster changes we might actually have a team this year.
  5. I'll volunteer a yard arm while heading North into cooler waters where some very large hungry white's live with no remorse. No need to drop a great distance, just waist deep at first... I'll post the utube video for confirmation.
  6. Thanks for sharing. You have our undevided attention
  7. Mr. Planet, That was my first thought as well. Why would the Treasury Secretary be at the Pentagon for a top level meeting regarding ISIS? Perhaps part of this meeting is strategizing on locating and when to freeze their funds as it would be tough to ascertain how much currency was transported out of the country. The last thing they would want is to have those dirt bags suddenly become part of the Billionaires Club. This may play into the timing of all this.
  8. GO CAMELS! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. HEAR,HEAR!!! Aarrgghh Matey.
  10. In Google earth 2017, type in the search "Central Bank of Iraq, Baghdad, Baghdad Governorate, Iraq" it shows the old building. The Google map on the CBI website shows the same location. It's a mystery...
  11. takes you to the map and there is nothing on the sat view but the old building.
  12. "Currency Web Service is Down" Interesting indeed.
  13. If you want to get someone's attention, hit their wallet. Works every time. We'll need to watch this one. A great weekend to you gentleman as well.
  14. It looks like the conventional methods that were being pushed were not getting the desired results in a timely manner. We could speculate who forever but it really does not matter. We do know that there are some big players in this. This, behind the scenes, "OK, we're going to going to close our wallet to get your attention, are you listening now?" might get them focused.