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  1. Lot's of good memories in High School driving, "The Judge".
  2. Great to watch the power of positive thinking crew at work. Thanks for all your efforts.
  3. Oh my, Got 15 out of 15. Embarrassing but I will graciously accept the prize if it's an RV...
  4. Keeping the faith here as well and looking forward to a post RV meeting. I'm sure I will not be sober, but I will be happy, VERY HAPPY!
  5. Tiger, You've been a busy boy keeping us up to date. Thank you for your efforts.
  6. Very informative, understandable and spot on. Thank you for the synopsis, Mr. Synopsis.
  7. I have two grand kids with birthdays in March that need a college fund. Does that count?
  8. Adam, Came late to the party and all the best comments are posted to THANK YOU will have to suffice.
  9. I appreciate your input. As always it's a limited resource application equation and time is the resource most lacking. Your summaries are extremely helpful in this regard. I have issues that do not belong on a public chat but it enables me to be EXTREMELY focused on a singular task to completion. Thank you for taking the time to clarify the chart. There are a few on this site, yourself included I look forward to meeting post RV. Things should be manageable then and a little more fun.
  10. Oh yea! More and more since I got on this roller coaster. Cannot wait to get off and start the, "De-Aging" process.
  11. OOPS, SENIOR MOMENT! Did not scroll down far enough: Measure Unit: [Mill. of ID]
  12. Theseus, I do enjoy following your thoughts and perhaps you can help clarify something to this old dog. This is from the CBI of Iraq. Would they not show the currency in Dinar, not dollars, not Yen, not...? There are only two (2) coma's, why? Nov,2016 41,159,661
  13. Does anyone know if there is going to be pay-per-view how to subscribe?