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  1. I believe no one. I read the rumor section daily, then I laugh and laugh and laugh some more.
  2. Delta is Pinocchio's cousin.
  3. It will take more than 72 virgins for them to get over what Trump will unleash on them.
  4. #BREAKING #Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi OFFICIALLY announces #Mosul completely liberated.
  5. Isn't this the same person that said June 26th - June 30th?
  6. While this a disappointing rate, I will take it and be thankful.
  7. Now if they would just tell us when they plan to make us rich, I mean, help their country.
  8. Many gurus lie!
  9. They are talking about the maturity of the bonds, not when it is going to RV.
  10. How would the Former deputy in the Finance Committee know the time is right to delete the zeros? Why would we listen to the former deputy in Finance?