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  1. Earth Quake

    Am I the only one that noticed there are no women in any of the pictures?
  2. I'll See You At The Bank This Afternoon.

    I can always find something to laugh about in the rumor section.
  3. Latest Full IMF Report

    Thanks for the great post. I appreciate all the members breaking down the good info and deciphering it so people like me can better understand.
  4. RV is dead!

    You got a link to back that all up? Oh you don't. So go crawl back in your hole.
  5. We Have A Rate...$11 to 1 IQD.

    That's absurd!
  6. Who Do You Believe?

    I believe no one. I read the rumor section daily, then I laugh and laugh and laugh some more.
  7. CBI Moves Into A Brand Spanking New Facility.

    Delta is Pinocchio's cousin.
  8. It will take more than 72 virgins for them to get over what Trump will unleash on them.
  9. #BREAKING #Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi OFFICIALLY announces #Mosul completely liberated.

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