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  1. Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    Does this imply we are all Dingle berries ?
  2. Adam Montana Weekly 14 February 2018

    Thanks again Adam and associates
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 30 August 2017

    Thanks Adam and Staff.
  4. Adam Montana Weekly 23 August 2017

    Sweet and Short, Just liking the No Bad News, Thanks Adam and Company
  5. Questions For Adam's Update 8-2-2017

    Hi Adam. If the Kurdish separate from Iraq,will they still use the Iraq Dinar? Whats your opinion how this would effect our investment?
  6. Adam Montana weekly will be on Thursday

    Did anyone catch which Thursday? Oh well it will be worth the wait.
  7. Adam Montana Weekly May 31 2017

    Onward we Travel in this adventure.
  8. Adam Montana Weekly 2017 24 May

    Thanks Adam. We are all looking forward to the 25th and positive news.
  9. Pass It On

    Sounds like we would have a lot in common HD. And Amen to not fooling God. Many Thanks
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 5 April 2017

    Thanks for the update.

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