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  1. Officiallytook

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    "Charge your electronic wallet in Iraqi dinars and use it wherever you want and stay safe and dont get confused" This stuck out to me like it was a reloadable card that can be used in and outside the country...and I quoted you guys kuz this also crossed my mind lol good days to come folks
  2. I actually like her Bette like this LMFAO
  3. Environment is ripe huh...and must be time to invest... But then this is Angelina she prolly trying to save kids and help people... But I'm for the first thought
  4. Officiallytook

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

  5. Officiallytook

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    Tag some folks in Iraq and see what they gotta say huh, tag me too ill share it lol
  6. Officiallytook


    You'll be living like a king in Mexico after the RV 😁 I like your thinking I might have to highly consider this
  7. Found this in my news feed and they posted another Iraq article 10hrs ago about "forgotten wars"
  8. Officiallytook


    I would say under 1 million US investors
  9. Officiallytook

    CBI News 06/12/2018

    Come on Iraq still waiting on our cash too...
  10. Officiallytook

    CBI News 06/14/2018

    Stability...almost time
  11. Officiallytook


    Wining... And i just told some family we need to go to Vegas
  12. We talking bout "Shiieet" here...LMFAO
  13. Officiallytook

    Iraq invests $ 21.7 billion in US Treasuries

    Only right, and the timing let's go
  14. Officiallytook

    CBI News 06/11/2018


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