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  1. I think you can post the PDF pic image due to that Platinum status Whoopwhoop
  2. LoL my minds been gone since I started down the rabbit whole of existence...quantum life is where I'm at now...seems to intertwine with shamans mystics and monks knowledge of is proven ancient indigenous teachings to be truth everyday...just plant seeds to wakeup the world no matter how insane we sound
  3. I was thinking the same, but when you look at the rest of the currencies I don't know maybe that's why they needed so long for Eid I mean 5 days to sort the countries exchange rates
  4. 😀 exactly I agree sentence structure, which words to use with the person your speaking with because they may not understand all the meaning of said words lol, and then think your wrong and you have to re explain your self lol...but hey that near future will probably be in pictures meaning entire stories books etc... but they already do huh, lol well I know for sure I'll be glad when thoughts speak.
  5. Wish I could post Screen shots... But I saw 11 to 1 USD on the cbi bulletins... any one else, and yes the multiple refresh works... my heart skipped some beats when I saw it. Kind of hard to mess it up, it's a PDF file image
  6. Good find... sort of seems legit now... " Our dealings based on transparency, seriousness, mutual trust, and integrity with our employees, customers and other business partners Arab Naotk Iraqi company subject to the provisions of the Investment Guarantees and Incentives Alsadermn the Iraqi government, we serve our clients m on the Internet since the 2009 law. We offer web design and programming of various web applications and solutions for digital marketing services." just part of the link you sent.
  7. That's the first thing I saw... and what it's it @ now roughly .00082-.00084
  8. Thought he was stepping down... he needs to fall back... I honestly feel they are just wolfing... biggest wolfers of the ME... Kurds ain't doing nothing ATM but sitting down until told otherwise... if they were smart ones that is...
  9. I would bet that parts are down of the entire web, a few other sites I tries to visit are down and my credit unions planing for another "maintenance this Sat
  10. impeccable timing I say
  11. They may have said the same things...but what days did sessions start last year? July 4th??? I don't remember that part...and also, why pick the 4th of July? And let's not forget nothing all the years before they had none of what they have now done...nothing...never before have I seen "international" in so many articles...or the UN.imf.wb. supporting a new "credit outlook" "ch.7 release" "Isis down to 1%" "200+ political officials to be arrested for laundering, thousands and thousands of those SmartCards gold reserves...I can go on and on