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  1. I knew media was now being controlled in Iraq...I knew things were getting done behind closed doors...I knew we knew we know what's to hurry up announce the HCL was done back in May and we're now 3+$ to 1 USD
  2. WOT!!! Let's go Iraq...I knew this was huge news goes along with those smart phones...LG makes smart phones too...not just appliances...
  3. New age cell phones let's go mobile banking internationally accepted
  4. Dude where have you been the last 14 yrs lol...keep those positive vibes rolling...
  5. Stroke to Iran to Russia ...weaselling on by... least we know this could berry well be the end of this long journey...with this key note being out of Iraq
  6. New CBI Announcement 08/17/2017

    Keep those announcements coming...and aren't you guys on vacation?
  7. New CBI Announcement 08/16/2017

    Spot on good friend
  8. Anyone else wanna sneak a deal through here right now before the investment doors profits go to marginal???
  9. New CBI Announcement 08/16/2017

    Notices everyday educate something's on the way real quick like
  10. I like where you guys are going with this...can't be too much left out there...those 500 officials in question should pull in a nice chunk as well probably enough to pull the trigger
  11. Maliki sought political asylum in Russia

    Tried to tell you guys, he's seeking Snowdens deal...don't be surprised now, if he gets away and with all his funds or most, because a lot is was unaccounted for, he was smart enough to notice he was s tool in place during a blasphemous time and he would go down for it...

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