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  1. People this is what every country does, even us, sells their treasury to others(countries etc) to fill what ever up they need... Just like we lost trillions and all the chick had to say was , I dunno... Numbers on a screen can be easily manipulated... If you make a lot of friends and they see a good fit for you, your in with the rest of the international community...just gotta follow all the rules... it's when you don't they have a problem... Iraq's almost dayumn near out of the muddy waters and in the clear with the rest of the modern world...
  2. CBI News 10/23/2017

    Swift before the End of 2017... OK now you gave the window, pull the trigger before then huh
  3. These little steps they have can all be accomplished within days I'm sure...
  4. Getting strong armed by chevron huh...get it together Kurds Iraq etc so we can all eat
  5. Can you guys actually change someshiet
  6. Now that's a day, me and wife's day we got married I'll take that any day
  7. You guys wanna know *the secret* I was holding since yesterday after seeing the news... I wrote down Iraq will revalue at 1USD to 1IQD by 10/31/2017
  8. Look at em all ready to play nice. Wonder who gave them a call and told the Kurds to get their act together so we all can get this ... I knew they would not succeed with their referendum...not at this time, if they want "national reconciliation" and the oil paying the people...they were gonna be in for a whole mother struggle 23+ yr struggle... All in all thanks for DVs outstanding News it time is now if any Iraq
  9. this is for international recognition...WOOOOOT!!!

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