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  1. Where are they out of 2% anyone have an article or link
  2. Officiallytook

    Iraq invests $ 24.5 billion in US Treasuries

    But you need almost 100bln for reconstruction
  3. They sure like to throw that number (80bln) around
  4. Officiallytook

    CBI News 08/12/2018

    Exactly what i thought, paying out in other countries currency reduces dinar on the streets too increasing demand
  5. Officiallytook

    Fox News

    I find this kind of odd...something ain't right...yeah he looks batshiet crazy, but still looks to maybe set up, that got out of control
  6. That's a lot of oil for others countries to come up on...
  7. I'm liking the "lift the Veil" with it just come out cooking at its old rate...or close to, I've been stuck on 3.45 to 1USD, all of a sudden type once we lift the dummy sanctioned rates the true rate will show no more waiting just a one day wake up a new person... It's sad but I think it'll happen more now then later while everyone's eyes are on Russia and Iran no one will notice or bat an eye just be mad as hell they missed the jump, and the powers at be want that more then anything you to miss the jump and only to make Penny's on the dollar on the market
  8. Also Mercury is visible by the 22nd... ancients believe this god to be the one of Financial Gain... Let's hard on this one guys If all our minds focus on the same thing the universe has no option but to bring it to us, now let's not loose faith we've been riding this long might as well keep the faith rolling too
  9. LMFAO love the title All those Iranian pipers should be squirming about now
  10. Officiallytook

    CBI News 08/06/2018

    HotCurl !!!! Spot on
  11. Officiallytook

    CBI News 08/05/2018

    Anyone notice how close they are to our prices ... well once you drop those 3 zeros

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