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  1. CBI News 01/09/2018

    Hes got a calculator to add up all of that 10$ lol
  2. Learn about Iraqi customs revenues for 2017

    Seeing a lot of transparency
  3. CBI News 01/03/2018

    But that's before Feb when a lot of dates are lined up
  4. As long as that float starts off above 1 buck were good "Any local currency exchange rate against the dollar, for example, must be at a minimum and above the national currency"
  5. Trump: when every you guys are down to change the rate we will support
  6. Shuttem Down...looking like Christmas all over again...this is going to be one happy new year folks this is HUGE!!!
  7. Welp big pharma is in on it, we know we are almost done for sure now 😏

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