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  1. He said he would be back when political stability and national security took care of...guess it's about time to reveal that rate boys, said he would be back for that too didn't he?
  2. What if we use currency exchange. Then I would wait til the end of the year to pay taxes?... Enough time to jump ship and fly under the
  3. So it comes out to about 55% lol
  4. Why .55% tax?... 39% I thought it was
  5. Hmm.. "A shift away from an idea proposed by Trump in the administration's travel ban" Only for them...or only for Iraqi's
  6. for new credit rating for national reconciliation for revealing the true rates
  7. Bout Time to announce IS is out of Iraq.
  8. 'The goldsmith had connected his shop's smart devices and surveillance cameras with his mobile to warn him of fire incidents from his shop. One day his mobile's alarm rang and he immediately rushed to the scene and informed police of the incident,' Qadir detailed" that part. says they are loads ahead of the game then we are informed
  9. Suddenly is upon us my friends
  10. Monday's are looking ever so bright lately