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  1. CBI News 04/17/2018

  2. Sadr: We May React if US Attacks Syria

    I understand completely, and those who may not like confused or misunderstand what were saying google is your friend google some of what we're saying to lead you down the rabbit hole... and start to connect the dots yourself...reasons why they're trying to control the free web now... we're gathering and stealing too much information too fast and trying to wake people the masses up from their comatosed realities ... I feel we're really in a Matrix of some sort...
  3. Sadr: We May React if US Attacks Syria

    This is all BS I don't believe anything our govts tells us, they hide so much and with all the hacks and leaks because they won't give us full disclosure... I have lost my entire faith in the systems in place all facets of control from religion political and judicial ... it's all messed up, and to me it is like nobody else see this shiet but me and a few others...then you have to add in all the alien & robotic hybrids alien tech and many more. I just feel lied to on top of lied to...the elite are them they are the elite, think about it, they don't care about the planet or it's inhabitants...sounds like an exotic animal placed in a new environment and proliferated out of control...and then you have the True humans who they have dumbed down through frequencies and vibrational patterns media mercury food coloring preservatives fluoride vaccinations etc keeping us on a negative balance of PH training us to be sick or become ill it's madness I tell you, we have forgotten our ways our powers our true purpose and focus on things that are so frivolous we fail to see what's right in front of our Eyes, because our minds eye is closed or enclosed in a crystallized capsule and everything else damaging our frontal lobe so we have no will power dreaming or feeling of's just insanity when I think about it, and it's nothing I can do ... But wait on Europe to finish their trading routes through Jordan Syria and Iraq...and hopefully somewhere in their Iraq is let it's currency and it's people thrive and eat again like normal people...and just simply I'll Disappear until the world restarts itself... I apologize for my rant guys thanks for listening lol no one else is
  4. The very least Family, I'm at the point where I need to start an auction, auctioning off trash as antiquities to the the steadily increasing number of Tom Fools out here lol
  5. CBI News 04/08/2018

    Hopefully for us DVs members who need rtgs as of yesterday lol
  6. So this means what Boston? They sold the forth to disperse in May?
  7. Whoa whoa whoa... let me take a seat
  8. What if this is an indication to the people of the change in the rate "in the coming days" ???
  9. Gotta love the news as of late do we not lol
  10. I've been so busy with family the past week or so I've barely seen all this great you guys know me I go check oanda, and sure enough it's been a flat line for a day or so maybe more I did a quick look saw that and buy and sell .00084/.00085 so clicked off kuz were still waiting....smh

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