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  1. NextYear

    Iraq Election Votes Are In.

    How could someone who beat the insurgents and turn the country around for the better lose?
  2. NextYear

    Some good news

    Thank god.
  3. NextYear


    OP, looks like some cheap knockoff of a Qanon bread crumb.
  4. I'd rather he be nominated for the Dinar rv prize
  5. Have to admit with everything they've been through since 2003, they still have a sense of humor.
  6. Not until you have an international currency at the proper rate. Until then, sit back down at the kid's dinner table which is what you deserve.
  7. NextYear


    This would have been a good April 1st post
  8. This is all well and good but what about your currency Iraq?
  9. Going by his statement "development of the economy will be characteristic of the next phase" and reading how great everything is proceeding, I can't see how it wouldn't at this point. I quite honestly can't see what the delay could possibly be now especially when they are on the last steps of being a major international player.
  10. Rather suspicious imo. All of a sudden they need something and all of a sudden the rate remains stable since then.
  11. Damn. Maybe someone thought they got a memo to hit the switch. What a tease. Thanks once again google. Bunch of sjw trolls.
  12. 1 Iraqi Dinar equals 0.0017 US Dollar Still being listed. Jesus I go out for a day and this happens.
  13. That's their end game of Texas Hold'em. To get as many people to fold and turn in their dinar disgust.

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