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  1. Let's hope Iraq does something positive with this very soon such as RV before we end up where they were in Chapter 7
  2. Iraq, you should hang your head in shame. Your currency has been around since 2003 and it is only worth a little more now after 14 years than it did then. Meanwhile, bitcoin has only been around since 2009 with no intrinsic value behind it and it smashes your currency into the depths of the Earth only after 8 years in terms of value. For shame Iraq for shame. Just wanted to vent a bit.
  3. Saudi Arabia is going to be in the same boat around 10 years from now.
  4. US Vice President Jared Kouchner met with former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki
  5. Delete Zeros Priority !

    I was excited at first until Jesus Christ not another study. How many studies do you guys need to to. It's do or do not there is no study.
  6. And they can all stop wondering where a lot of the unaccountable dinar are
  7. What the Heck just happened in Saudi Arabia

    Was going to post this link the other night but he had taken it down and just re-uploaded it a few hours ago. Pretty good break down.
  8. Could 2017 RV Hopes Be In Trouble?

    It'll happen when we are least expecting it and looking and it'll catch us by surprise. That's how things like this usually work.
  9. He's Iraq's version of Hillarious Clinton (who is about to receive an Award for Advancing Human Rights)
  10. **Financial situation tables for cbi**

    When I saw the first gif in the thread I was waiting for the cat's paw.
  11. Nothing this time about bringing the dinar back it's former glory?
  12. Good for the middle east and Iraq but bad for our pockets. I've already seen the gas prices creep up. Now here in the city it's hovering around $2.87. It was around $2.45. Wouldn't be a problem if Iraq would RV their currency already.
  13. Why don't they just confiscate Maliki's bank account(s) and pay the Kurds already. They probably could pay the Kurds for a few years with that.
  14. I'm kicking myself right now I didn't delve into it when bitcoin was fractions of a penny. Ugh. However, knowing my luck, I'd have been on one of the exchanges that got hacked and lost it all or a good portion of it.
  15. Not meaning to nitpick but the title made it sound like Jabouri already went. Then when reading see that word again.... will visit Washington soon...... soon

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