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  1. Sorry this is not the PM Abadi saying this, its a finance committee member Jabbar al-Abbadi. He has no power to hammer-down anything, just flap his gums. Thats all we're seeing here, lip service and finger pointing. Either the budget auto-ratifies after the fifteen days or parliament works on it and sends it back. I dont see the Kurds not applying pressure in either scenario. Sorry to say but if the budget is required for a value change, its not looking too imminent.
  2. Agents Of Electronic Payment Providers !

    Is it not just saying the capital increased from 45trillion to 100trillion? Sorry i dont see what you guys are seeing.
  3. Agents Of Electronic Payment Providers !

    " And whether it is included in the domestic or international prohibitions or prohibitions, otherwise this will be taken 8 As appropriate procedure for article (/ In accordance with the provisions of Article (c) above. * * * whoa, whoa, hold on a sec, let me take my dinar goggles this referring to article 8 or am I reading waaaay too much into this?
  4. Here we go again. I used to admire the Kurds for having their stuff more together than Baghdad, now I see them as petulant children always complaining. They passed this in Parliament pretty much without them, you know that whole majority thing, but they found away to stonewall once again. Maliki must be proud.
  5. I dont think your scenario will occur, but I am expecting some sort of counter-move once a change occurs. I fully expect once the rate changes, it may move gradually upward then at some point a "sharpish" downturn to shake those investors with weaker constitutions to take the bait and bail. There's just too much money to be made by those in the know to allow us small-timers to reap the maximum benefit of this. They will try to shake some off the vine.
  6. 6Yrs, pish posh.....its up to each individual based on their own needs if a penny would help. Me, i would be thrilled beyond words if it moved to a penny. That indicates movement, right? I wouldnt hand over any dinar for a penny. Too much room to grow, imo. But i think everbodys hair would be on fire at a penny, cause of what it means, not just that penny value.
  7. Looks like the Rafidain bank in Jordan is no better than the street exchangers in Iraq. Nothing to see here.
  8. Forex Exchange USD/IQD 11.75 !!

    Sorry to bump up a dead topic since the two sites showing this yesterday have gone back to normal, but I cant help wondering what happened. For six hours yesterday at least two sites had the dinar at double the previous value. It was either a glitch, which is hard to accept, or someone put it in for a laugh at our expense, or it was some kind of test which means some legitimate source input the value for a reason. All of these are hard to accept honestly, but who the hell knows? There were some here who said it was such a small amount what's the big deal? Agreed it wasnt enough to get any of us to too excited, but I cant help but think about why? Doubling of the value is no big deal to us speculators, but if you consider what needs to happen in Iraq it can look more significant. Iraqi's dont trust the currency or the banks and prefer to use dollars, right? If the dinar value doubled, as an Iraqi, wouldnt that change things? Coupled with the fact that with the citizens to begin to get a share of the oil profits in the next 6 months and those proceeds going into a required bank account to every Iraqi, forcing them to use the banks. In a very short time period you've given value to the dinar, squeezed out the dollar, and made every citizen happily open a bank account and use the banks to get to the free money. You've also given most no reason to use the street exchangers anymore, as well as begin distributing the smaller denominations. And since the increase in value isnt really enough for most speculators to jump in yet to sell, its an easy way to get the ball rolling without a run on the currency or a vast sell-off which could upset things as well. Just think, if we all woke up one morning to find the dollar had doubled in value? That would be a big deal, wouldnt it? It would shock the world and upset things catastrophically. But not the dinar, its an exotic currency thats not traded anyway. Something to ponder, anyway. Butifldrm, was typing as you posted. I got into this in 2011 so that was before my time. So no explanation then, either. Its hard to understand why these things would or could occur. Is it intentional or a mistake?
  9. Google the rate! Big change!

    Google where this started has returned to 840. Shows over. At least i have a pic of it for what thats worth.
  10. Google the rate! Big change!

    LGD, nevermind just checked its back to normal, this is nuts
  11. Google the rate! Big change!

    Ladygracesdaddy, if you think thats weird, dare you to goto and find your way to iqd-usd, and see what you get
  12. Google the rate! Big change!

    Not trying to keep this thread going, cause i dont know whats going on either, but as of five minutes ago, google still showing what i posted earlier
  13. Google the rate! Big change!

    for sure, im grounded like a pile of dirt
  14. Google the rate! Big change!

    ok so some other sites are showing a change, lets hope it continues and isnt a glitch please keep posting if youve found other sites posting (xe, forex, cbi)

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