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  1. Thanks Yota back at ya.
  2. Syria could care less about Isis, all they want to do is kill the Syrian civilians that want Asad out. The news reported yesterday that they used poison gas on family's sleeping and killed them.
  3. This is Maliki's army, it will be very hard to remove them because when they are gone so Is Iran and Maliki's power.
  4. Exactly Botzwana, notice its written in perfect english something comes out every year. My hunch is its the same people that the guru's talk to that give out all that bs every day you know the ones that have sources somewhere important that give out so called in-tell and never is true.
  5. Its a sick April fools joke, they do something stupid every year.
  6. So are they trying to tell me that during this whole war that civilians haven't been bombed before now? I don't think so, but I do think that when Isis is most cornered they would gather up as many as possible to try to keep the area from being bombed and we would have to fight face to face where they are most capable.
  7. Why wouldnt they or "he", since they always got away with it scott free before.
  8. Just like him to blame us for the the sectarianism in Iraq, I sure hope those muslim coconuts don't believe him. He is right though the enemy's "Iran and himself" are trying to stir up sectarian.
  9. Those wheels are turning, I sure hope they were talking about our favorite subject.
  10. Good job I would Ignore any Iranian influenced person myself.
  11. Get everything ready while closed and open up with the new rate on the 22nd iop.
  12. Maliki says dont forget to sign the guest book before you leave.
  13. Whew my name isn't on the list dodged that bullet lol.
  14. I have wondered for a long time what will happen next in Iraq after the Isis is removed, will these guys be another terrorist group or will they behave, guess we will find out when Kurdistan forces there hand when they move back into Mosul and a few other city's post Isis.