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  1. After reading that im calling bullshit on all this Kurdish splitting crap.
  2. Maliki stole 800 billion not 100 billion.
  3. Well if it comes to it we can go to war with Iran in Iran and the militias will have to pack up out of Iraq and come to defend Iran. I hate to say it but asking him to leave is not going to work they have been way too successful and infiltrating Iraq and taking over the government the military and the oil money through Maliki.
  4. Happy day! She should get a extra few years in jail for being ugly! This woman has been causing trouble for years.
  5. Issue No. 4430 Dated 9/1/2017 !

    Just in time for the year to be almost over.
  6. maliki don't want the new coup to remove his old coup.
  7. I found this map on the web. Seams we have more cities to clear.
  8. Loan after loan, countless forgiven debts from people they have borrowed from and there still complaining. Real men having to come do the fighting for them and there still complaining.
  9. Maliki called ISIS into Iraq so he would be able to claim martial law and stay in power stopping the elections. I remember the tough fight they had with Maliki stopping him from this. What upsets me is the fall Mosul isn't what Maliki should be in trouble for he is guilty of so much more.
  10. He still thinks he is the Prime Minister of Iraq.
  11. In Iraq when you see this many people together and no one has a bomb strapped to there chest its a good day.
  12. Im not even going to read this garbage lol, but I know he will be plotting to fill that city with new shia houses just like usual.
  13. Well yes, they will rebuild and this time be free MAYBE, if they can keep the corrupt shia away.

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