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  1. I always thought to kill a snake you cut off its head, but now I know you start at the tail and take little teeny tiny slices and hope you don't get bit.
  2. What sucks for me is I knew about bitcoin years ago and said to my friends what kind of idiot would spend money on those, now I know im the idiot that didn't lol. I will be buying some of these if they come out.
  3. Here let me fill you in over there in Iraq, YOU DON'T NEED IRANS HELP WITH ANYTHING!
  4. Talk and letters, why would they care what we say they have been ignoring us for the past 10 years and while we take no action they gain ground in every direction . So maybe we should remind this guy of our special delivery system you know the one shaped like a crosshair aiming down on his head.
  5. Delete Zeros Priority !

    That is exactly what it is worth now.
  6. Why make a deal with Maliki when he wont even be around much longer.
  7. Maliki doesnt want the USA to run off his military.
  8. Wells Fargo

    Yep dinar holders were driving them crazy.
  9. We will release them the day after your money is worth 4.00 to 1 usd.
  10. Make sure to post the new electoral commision members names so Maliki can kill off the ones he doesn't like.

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