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  1. They are just going to vote a 3 month extension to the current parliament.
  2. Meanwhile supreme chancellor Palpatine has instructed the electoral commision to look into the fires that seam to be burning up certain area ballot boxes causing a loss of those votes in the recount. 😁😁😁
  3. So think about this, if enough 180 or more of the old parliament dont re-win there seats they still have there jobs just long enough to group together (friends and enemies) figure out what section of the voting like say the out of county votes, then add those to the delete section of the new laws and wallah there back in business. .
  4. So I now wonder who will be the new winners of the Iraq election?
  5. So the plan for the corrupt is to take the election results out of the hands of the electoral committee (group they don't control) and place it in the courts ( group they do control) and change the election results how ever they see fit.
  6. So basically, if you don't like the election results then get the old parliament together and cancel the election results if you can. Now thats some well designed demockracy.
  7. Time for Maliki to fake another heart attack if this article is true.
  8. And this is where it all goes wrong, Abadi and Sadr might have some of the biggest blocks, but if Maliki can bribe and coerce enough groups to stand together they can become the majority and control everything.
  9. lets hope there investigating spiker and the other crimes Maliki committed when he was PM.
  10. I didn't do it! No body saw me do it! You cant prove anything!
  11. So if Maliki only has 18 to 24 seats in parliament isn't he pretty much screwed? He cant even walk out and cause a loss of quorum.
  12. This is Malikis check list for a stable Iraq. ✔ Eradicated most of the Sunni and removed them from key areas. ✔ Removed Kurd from all cities outside of Kurdistan. ✔ Making sure he has the help of Iranian militias in place in all key cities. ✔ Making sure he controls the court system and central bank. X Getting America out again.
  13. Lets correct this message for him, there will be a Iranian uprising against America in Iraq, esp When Maliki and friends get arrested, no big deal we knew it had to happen before Iraq is finally cleansed of the poison its full of.
  14. Finally the day has come, I can't wait for the article titled Maliki arrested!

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