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  1. Floridian you got it wrong man, he said 1 dinar was worth 7.3 grams of gold, today that would mean 307.81 gold has just gone way up today.
  2. Sounds like Abadi is buying votes imop.
  3. The Recovery Of The Iraqi Dinar !

    Yep cars and guns we should ban them all!
  4. So if you let them keep killing the Sunni and protect Maliki for the next 4 years you can stay.
  5. Look at all that bribe money Maliki saved when Allawi didn't show up.
  6. Maliki arrives in Karbala

    Get your mirror out Maliki and start practicing those lies.
  7. I guess Maliki forgot he was removed once and the courts overturned it, prob a fat chance he holds a position next term.
  8. Yes please do this, it will be the end of Iran as we know it.
  9. Nice job, now when they go after Maliki the militias will be disarmed.
  10. The real question here is why did they bring you back?
  11. Our only hope is the corruption files catch up with Maliki before may 12.
  12. We all seam to forget that Maliki's man is in charge of the Central bank, And Maliki will NEVER let it rv.
  13. Look at Maliki he thinks he rules Iraq and Iran.

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