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  1. yes cashman it's obvious that's all the stealth warrior is about...he's always the one blatantly showing his renowned disapproval, of course in bold like it means more...moaning and whining, crying and angry about how messed up everything stupid this whole deal is... I'm usually quiet here on this scene, but I do pay attention like thousands of other dv's been old with that guy, and I'm glad you all let him know __ just my
  2. "Ebadi said in a press statement after meeting with members of the political bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan led by former Iraqi President Jalal Talabani in Sulaimaniyah city North that he is keen to defend the rights of the Iraqi people everywhere, both in Sulaimaniyah or Basra or Anbar or Dohuk or Erbil or Najaf or Karbala .. "I'm as prime minister is responsible for every citizen in this country, God willing, I take my responsibility fully."
  3. Yeah Zigs, that's usually the idea. These guys have some nerve, but they're only fooling themselves. Apache..Scorpion...Warthog, anyone? I'm an ARMY Intel vet (96H), and I know for a fact that our weapons and technology won't make for much of a fight when the call is made (this'll be sooner than later)....only a thrashing. These fools are only fooling themselves, and this new currency debacle is testament to the skewed "IS" mindframe.
  4. I sure hope that Citibank does have that interbank access you speak of....and sooner than later.

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