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  1. Evening brother Laid Back, looks to me like they are getting ready to make the jump to the worlds stage. We have seen major progress as of late, Abadi has been putting the final touches to his mandate
  2. Gotta love your thought process brother, let’s hope reality sets in and our path to righteousness completed. The 30th is my birthday, and, an RV would be the icing on the cake. Well, maybe wishful thinking on my part, but, a dream is a dream. A super weekend out to you
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    Awesome news, and, thanks Adam
  4. Good morning Yota, sure is nice to see peace returning to Iraq. These poor folks have been through enough
  5. Maliki is dead meat Chuck imo, if Abadi can’t put some lead between his eyes, he will destroy him in the elections and win a second term, then is when I believe that Abadi will make a serious bid to go after him and hopefully put him away, indefinitely. I could be wrong, but, this is much more complicated then it seems. Easy for us to say “let’s just whack this idiot” but, perhaps tptb must unfold their plan with a more strategic frame, and strike at the precise moment. Either way, Maliki toppling Abadi in the elections won’t happen, not if the rest of the world has anything to say about it Enjoy the rest of your weekend bro
  6. Warning !

    Thanks again Thugs, your on a roll lately bro I hope Maliki takes head to this cause they be comen for yea maybe ............perhaps the coming days .............
  7. Morning Thugs, sure hope they vote on these pending laws before they break for elections
  8. CBI News 03/15/2018

    Good morning Yota, very much appreciated sir, and, a super day out to you
  9. Floridian, no worries, we have all made mistakes here. I remember in my early days here I was posting news from a source, well, not so reliable I was called a pumper, and, got the hang of things here fast. Most all of us have good intentions, but, sometimes our excitement gets the better of us Its all good, and no harm done. Hopefully we will all be celebrating with them there umbrella drinks in paradise 🌴☀️ Cheers, and the best of your day to you
  10. Adam Montana Weekly 14 March 2018

    Adam, locked and loaded when thing pops, perhaps we are nearing the end of this stage, and, the beginning of the next. Until then check your plan, make sure t’s are crossed and I’s are dotted so as when it’s does pop, or, should I say boom!!!!!! we are all ready. ‘Thanks again, and bug out bag is ready
  11. Morning brother Laid Back, im loving the sound of that river
  12. ‘Morning brother Synopsis, wow!!!!!!! If the day was any better, their would be two of me May your day unfold exactly as you planned, health and prosperity out to you
  13. Always a pleasure HCR, usually their is good in mostly everything, we just have to look deep to see it. Have a super day my friend

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