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  1. Yep I saw it as well but didn't think nothing of it.
  2. King Bean, as always, love your posts brother
  3. UN buen fin de semana para ti hermano
  4. Iraq, August 18, 2017 South Korean electronics maker LG Electronics has reportedly opened its largest overseas brand shop in Iraq. The two-floor shop covers 870 square meters in the main commercial district of Erbil. Around 200 government and media officials attended an opening ceremony, according to a report from Nation Multimedia. businessnews http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z15777887
  5. Iraq, August 17, 2017 Opec member Iraq has formed a joint venture with a shipping company owned by Arab states to transfer, store and trade crude and oil products, according to official documents and industry sources. Middle East oil producers are venturing into buying and selling oil to boost their incomes as a sharp drop in crude prices since mid-2014 has forced the industry to become more efficient and commercially focused. The venture, Al Iraqia Shipping Services and Oil Trading (AISSOT), will handle a 'plethora of activities ranging from trading of petroleum products, ship chartering, oil terminals, various marine services, and bunkering', according to a company statement sent to Reuters. AISSOT is owned by state firm Iraqi Oil Tankers Co (IOTC) and Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Co (AMPTC), a pan-Arab company in which Arab oil producers such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait hold a share. IOTC owns a stake of 22.5 per cent in AISSOT, according to a copy of the signed 20-year contract seen by Reuters. 'Formation of AISSOT is based on Iraqi Oil Ministry vision to further strengthen activities of two major entities i.e. AMPTC and IOTC in the field of shipping, marine services, and oil trading,' the company said in a statement. 'It is also one of Iraqi Oil Ministry’s initiatives to develop national oil companies to international levels.' AISSOT, which will soon start bunkering operations at ports in southern Iraq, is the second oil venture set up recently by the country. State oil marketer SOMO and Russia's Litasco formed a joint trading company in Dubai to market crude and may expand into oil products and petrochemicals, industry sources said. 'The new venture will have exclusive rights for transportation of crude and refined products. It will develop other projects include trading starting with fuel oil and products and can eventually get into crude oil allocations,' said an industry source familiar with the company's operations. AISSOT will be based in Dubai with plans to open offices in Singapore and other hubs. It has around 25 employees now and intends to go up to 50 in Dubai by the year-end, the source said. The company is in discussions to build a terminal storage facility in Iraq over the next few years that would handle crude and oil products, the source added. According to AISSOT, the company 'is in a position to invest in and gradually acquire a significant fleet to transport the majority of Iraqi crude oil to end users at competitive rates'. The company will also start a marine academy to train Iraqis, with the aim of eventually having up to 85 percent Iraqi nationals working on its ships. AISSOT's co-owner AMPTC was established in 1973 by member countries of the Organisation of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries. Saudi Arabia's government is the biggest shareholder in AMPTC with a 15.595 per cent stake, while Iraq has 13.657 per cent, according to the company's website. Kuwait has 15.484 per cent, the UAE 14.175 per cent and Qatar 14.776 per cent, along with other countries such as Libya, Algeria, Bahrain and Egypt. http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z15771189
  6. Thanks again Yota Wow DV, I sure do like where this is going, these 2 joining hands will be a very strong alliance and the possibilities perhaps endless
  7. Thanks Yota, I like the fact that they are promoting and opening the doors to the global community to get on board for the greatest wealth building opportunity on the planet
  8. Thanks Yota, the tentacles of international business are beginning to strengthen
  9. Thanks Yota, and good morning Gents and all of DV. Heads are beginning to roll, not literally.................yet
  10. Good morning Yota and thank you for all your endeavors for us here in DV Question, is this the last IS stronghold?
  11. Iraq, August 15, 2017 Fallujah city in Anbar province needs $2 billion for reconstruction, the city’s mayor said on August 10. Eissa al-Sayer told Aljournal News website that securing the amount at present would be difficult given the government’s focus on military operations against IS, adding that world donors should focus donations on service projects rather than the infrastructure. Sayer stated that the sanitation sector needs $50 million, the water services $10 million and the municipality needs $15 million just to begin clearance and reconstruction. In May, the Iraqi government approved a ten-year scheme for the rehabilitation of areas liberated from IS worth USD100 billion, saying it would secure the finances depending on international loans and grants. businessnews http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z15759663