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  1. Wiljor

    Adam Montana Weekly 18 July 2018

    Awesome Adam, we patiently wait
  2. Wiljor

    Adam Montana 11 July 2018

    Always appreciated Adam, been so darn busy lately I haven’t been able to post as much like in the past, but, with that being said, I always make it a point to catch your updates and check in from time to time to see how we are progressing. Nice to see the regulars keeping things alive and kicking, well done guys and gals Your brotherhood and sisterhood is what makes this site absolutely amazing, the RV journey wouldn’t be the same without you.
  3. Business is ramping up, e banking in place, chunky money rolling in, confidence increased, corruption being dealt with. Now if we can just get a GOI, we’re good. Have a great weekend DV 🙏
  4. Pitcher, Laid Back, always appreciate your contributions my friends, keep en coming.
  5. Wiljor

    Adam Montana 27 June 2018

    If Adams good, I’m good. We patiently wait
  6. Oh yea King Bean, totally agree my friend, one of the, if not the, best movie ever. I have seen it many times and it never gets boring. Sure wish we had a few Gladiators in this Shiite storm 😀
  7. Wiljor

    Buddy in military in iraq

    All good here, brother Chuck, been extremely busy lately. Been checking in here but haven’t been posting much, I do like like what’s taking place, moving forward slowly, let’s see what happens after Ramadan
  8. Wiljor

    Buddy in military in iraq

    ‘Yes Laid Back, I do remember that. Could be something, could be nothing, but the timing sure is Interesting 👍 Hope all is well out your way brother 🙏
  9. Wiljor

    Adam Montana Weekly 13 June 2018

    It’s all good Adam as we patiently wait.
  10. Wiljor

    CBI News 06/11/2018

    Saludos out to you Chuck
  11. Wiljor

    Adam Montana Weekly 6 June 2018

    Much obliged Adam,.......we patiently wait 👍

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