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  1. Afternoon Chuck, trusting all is well up your way amigo
  2. Afternoon tiger, looks like the final countdown for IS, can't wait to see these barbarians wiped off the map
  3. A good morning to you to you as well BB I concur brother 10YL, all this effort in bringing Iraq back to its former glory is for a reason, that reason is business and I for one am ready to get down to business and take this baby to the next level
  4. Good morning Yota and very much obliged my friend Monetary reform and, a new and improved Iraqi banking system is here DV, they have proved to the global community that they are ready to make the jump to the big leagues, Bond sales, oil deals, battling corruption, security, Qcards, etc... We can plainly see by the articles of late that the confidence in the international community is growing and everyone is looking to capitalize on the opportunity. We are in interesting times and I for one am really stoked about our near future. A great Monday and a super week out to you all Dv
  5. Good mornining Butifldrm, "golden opportunity" those words have been ringing in my ears for sometime now, and I do believe we are on the precipice of our own golden opportunity
  6. Iraq, May 21, 2017 Iraq is on track for what may be the country’s highest monthly crude exports even as the Middle East nation supports moves to extend Opec-led production cuts aimed at trimming bloated global inventories. Vessels hauling 62mn barrels of the nation’s crude departed ports in the Gulf and Mediterranean Sea in the first half of May, according to tanker-tracking and shipping agent data. If sustained through May, the daily rate of 4.14mn barrels would exceed any month since Bloomberg began tracking shipments in January 2015. Current shipments, a partial proxy for output, would exceed sales in October which was the baseline month for the production accord. Countries pumping more than half the world’s oil are trying to cut an excess of stored crude that’s weighing on prices by limiting their own supply. Led by the world’s biggest producers Saudi Arabia and Russia, the 24 nations party to the accord look set to extend the deal when they meet in Vienna next week. Iraqi Oil Minister Jabbar al-Luaibi said this month there’s a consensus around prolonging the deal and his country backs it. “Iraq’s compliance to its production target was always going to be a moving target as the country was reluctant to limit production in the first place,” said Edward Bell, a commodities analyst at Dubai-based bank Emirates NBD. “The higher Iraqi volumes shows one of the flaws of the deal: the focus on production rather than exports.” Iraq, the second-largest producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, pumped 4.41mn barrels of crude a day in April, according to production estimates compiled by Bloomberg. The country produced more in each month so far this year than the 4.351mn barrels a day limit it agreed to under the Opec deal in November, according to the Bloomberg- compiled data. The production limits took effect in January, initially for a period of six months. Al-Luaibi said in March that Iraq would fully comply with its output limit in March and April. Neighbouring Iran, Opec’s third-largest producer, also boosted the level of exports in the first half of May, ship-tracking data compiled by Bloomberg show. Observed crude shipments from the Gulf country rose to 2.14mn bpd in the first half of the month, up 366,000 barrels from the same period of April. Iran was allowed to raise output slightly to about 3.8mn bpd under the Opec deal. Iraq’s commitment to Opec was that it would reduce output by 210,000 bpd. While exports are not a perfect match, they are one means by which external observers try to gauge output. Iraq doesn’t have the same capacity to store crude as some other producer nations, meaning that what’s pumped out of the ground is piped relatively quickly onto ships. Iraq produced less than 4mn bpd until June 2015, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Iraq’s export surge can partly be explained by catching up on reduced flows in April, when a damaged jetty was being repaired. Partial monthly data is subject to changes by the end of the month, with single shipments capable of shifting the barrels-a-day rate significantly. Still, the timing of the additional shipments isn’t ideal, said Emirates NBD’s Bell. “This of course doesn’t look great coming ahead of the Opec meeting,” Bell said, adding that Saudi and Russian backing for an extension meant the deal will likely be prolonged. “Overproduction by countries like Iraq means there’s going to be more reliance on Saudi Arabia to compensate by over-cutting.” gulf-times http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z15319329
  7. Iraq, May 21, 2017 Iraqi President Fuad Masum and Masoud Barzani held talks on the margins of the 2017 World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa at the Dead Sea in Jordan. The Iraqi Presidency released a statement on Saturday (May 20) saying Masum and Barzani discussed relations between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government as well as the political and security situation in the country. Barzani also met on Thursday (May 18) with Jordan’s King Abdullah ahead of the World Economic Forum for talks on the fight against terrorism and the latest political developments. Barzani headed to Jordan on Thursday on an official request of Jordan’s King Abdullah to participate in the World Economic Forum, which began on Friday. The World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa will address continued geopolitical shifts and humanitarian challenges in Syria, Iraq and Libya as well as the ongoing refugee crisis and youth empowerment in the region. The forum, which lasts for three days, will host one thousand international figures and representatives of government, business and civil society from more than 50 countries. nrttv http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z15319278
  8. You're a straight up guy gregp and us peeps got your back brother, to many things happening right now and for sure the gurus and pumpers are having a hey day with all the events taking place. Hope it pans out cause at 3.71 that will give us all here a jolt ⚡️keep us informed my friend
  9. It's all good ladies and gentlemen, I'm all.......
  10. IRAQ TO STAND BY EXTENSION OF OPEC FREEZE DEAL Iraq, May 20, 2017 Iraq is committed to reducing oil production to decrease a glut in the global market, and will support extending output cuts in line with any Opec decision, Prime Minister Haider Al Abadi said. The Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries meets in Vienna on May 25 to consider whether to extend output cuts agreed in December last year between Opec and 11 non-member countries, including Russia. “Iraq is with the continuation of a reduction of oil production of Opec nations and we will push in that direction,” Abadi said in a news conference broadcast on state TV. Abadi did not specify for how long Iraq was willing to extend the current cut. The country’s oil minister said last week Iraq would support a six-month extension. Saudi Arabia and Russia, the world’s top two oil producers, agreed on Monday on the need to keep the current cut in place until March 2018. Non-Opec member Kazakhstan however said on Monday it would struggle to join any new deal on the old terms, as its own output was set to jump. Oman said it fully supported the idea of a nine-month extension. Opec wants to reduce global oil inventories to their five-year average but so far has struggled to do so. Stockpiles are hovering near record highs, partly because of rising production in the US, which is not part of the existing deal. omantribune http://iraqdailyjournal.com/story-z15310761
  11. I thought the same thing Skeet, although they have been dollarizing the country for so long now the Dinar may be hard to come by at the street level perhaps? One thing is for sure, something is in the works and the next week or so should be interesting indeed
  12. yes sir brother Laid Back and we're right there with them
  13. Kudos out to Iraq and coalition forces, looks like they have accomplished their agenda They will be celebrating tonight in Iraq I bet, so hopefully we can advance on important laws and, tie them down so we can start our own party here in DV
  14. Morning KB, yep time to stock up and let the festivities begin