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Sk 1962

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  1. Sk 1962

    Adam Montana Weekly 29 August 2018

    Have a great night Adam! looking forward to the morning chat.
  2. Sk 1962

    URGENT..."Highest of Alerts!" - Bluwolf .

    sounds like another high alert of BS to me, just sayin!
  3. Sk 1962

    The Dinar card is ready to use you.

    Just do it all ready! PLEASE
  4. Sk 1962

    USD to IQD 1220 dinars /per dollar

    All I can say is hahaha!
  5. if I remember correctly I believe Adam said the auctions will continue no matter if they rv or not, but hey what the heck do I know.
  6. I've been doing this for a long time, going on 11 years now. But I will agree that things are looking sweet !
  7. Sk 1962

    Adam Montana 23 May 2018

    Thanks again Adam for the weekly update, I will be waiting for your text. I have nothing but time! As long as it happens soon.
  8. Sk 1962

    Kap says years away....

    Kappy knows as much as me about this as I do and that ain't sayin much!
  9. Sk 1962

    Adam Montana Weekly 4 April 2018

    I sure hope you are right Chuck!
  10. navira45 I sure hope this is the last stop also , been in this since 2009 ! March 29th thru April 3rd works for me. Go rv
  11. Sk 1962

    Adam Montana Weekly 21 March 2018

    Exciting times indeed: Go rv. Go bitcoin.

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