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  1. (IBAN) in banking transactions

    IBAN numbers have been assigned to individual Warka accounts sense October of 2016.
  2. Thank you Yota for those great articles over the past years. You surely deserve this honor! Again thank you sir!
  3. Is chapter 7 that important for the RV? Should our focus be on chapter 8?
  4. I received a Web Page Blocked error when attempting to display account info. Logging into account was fine. I just could not display account totals. Anybody else having this issue?
  5. I also had the same issue. I tried using the Chrome browser and was successful logging in.
  6. IBAN Numbers

    If you log onto your Warka account you will be given the option to view your account either by Login number or IBAN number. IBAN numbers have been assigned to accounts now.
  7. CBI update rates today?

    Does CBI open on Saturday?

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