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  1. crashtestdummy

    Site Support

    Hi, I have been trying to use the support tab to contact July to see if my IBC is good to go yet. Its been a while now. When I try to go to the support tab and leave a message I get and error code EX0. Anyway just wondering how to make contact without the support tab as it is the designated method. Thanks...
  2. crashtestdummy

    Questions for Adam's Update 4-22-2015

    Good day Adam. I've been invested in the dinar for 3 years now. I've seen a lot of posts always saying hours or days away from an RV. Of course by now I'm long immune to that. Part one of my question is "do you and your resources see a real chance of a positive move in Iraq's monetary reform this year in any realistic way? I personally feel like Iraq with it's wealth of natural resources should have years ago made a move. I understand political stability as well as national security have been at question most of these years. Is the current government really pushing reform or could it be more smoke and mirrors for the same hidden agenda that has kept this country in economic solitude years past when it should have emerged as the economic power it really has potential for. I sincerely ask as before I go through the process of investing more time and money in off shore protection of assets. I would like as much of an informed and honest valuation of Iraq's true intent as you might have at your disposal. I have an feeling that the trillions of dinar that investors hold is seen more of a liability than a boon. Just mho....I respect the time and effort you seen to have put into this as opposed to the continuous ranting of most other sites based on these people or those contacts supposedly in the know. It's really funny at times! Thanks for any honest insight you can give. Part 2 of my question deals with the perceived ISIS threat. I'm not sure why Iraq would stand for on oil well being in militant control. Random bombing are one thing but do you really believe they cannot muster forces enough to control their lifes blood which is oil?
  3. Hello all. I am new to DV. Looked like a good place to look for reliable info. My 2 cents so far in this Dinar venture is based on guru crap. I've only been invested for a year or so but I have raked over the guru posts since at least 2010 and it seems like an RV is ALWAYS just around the corner according to them. So lesson learned. Stay away from the Guru's. 1) I've read this topic over and see that most seem to look at this as still a long term thing. At least to the point that maybe before 2014 but at least during 2014. This about a correct outlook? 2) That said my question is this. Is it worth buying more dinar at this point? I have a little extra cash that's not spoken for at the moment. But I read the post about our dinar being potentially worthless if it redenominate with new currency, instead of RV. And is that really possible? Seems shady that a country could lock out so many people like that. 3) I've read some of Adams stuff and though credible I don't get a real sense of how or when this might all come to a head, in terms of speculating not in terms of intel. So, what I do get is when it happens, best case it RVs at 3+ we run to bank happy. Mediocre case, we get zero's removed to reflect .86 and a float after that. Worst case, redenomination with new currency and locked out holding worthless dinar. Adam at least SEEMS hopeful, in what I've read, that won't happen so I'm hedging that way. So there is actually no real intel out there as to what Iraq wants to do? IMF does make reports no? 4) Lastly, I understand that there are 10's of trillions if not 100's of trillions of dinar out in the world. That makes me believe that a 3+ RV improbable if not impossible. I'm may not be spot on with the math here but 10 Trillion at a RV of .86 would make the CBI liable for 8.6 trillion in USD payouts. Correct?. If that is close to correct even if it's way off by half, that is an impossible figure. Can someone enlighten me as to how the math will actually agree with an RV? At last check on the CBI site seems like they have no more than 80-90 Billion USD. I know that ALL the Dinar will not come in at once during an RV, but a very good deal of it will.

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