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  1. Can't even stand to look at the Iraqi Potato Head!
  2. Get rid of the crooked "oldies", then I think Iraq can enter a new age! Looking better than ever as of today!
  3. Alternate CBI site (today)

    Maybe that's where Adam is!
  4. Good to see you Sno.........Meeeeoooooowwww!
  5. Trump's Stormy Daniels Controversy

    Sorry to say, moral bankruptcy is the norm. But I wouldn't lump Evangelicals as Trump supporters. JMO.
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 7 March 2018 (Delayed till afternoon)

    I believe nothing until Adam says so!
  7. Members that are M.I.A.

    You're a good cat...prayers for you and your family!
  8. Google the rate! Big change!

    To the News Section, back to the Rumor Section back to the news section...........kind of exciting, but tiring!
  9. Forex Exchange USD/IQD 11.75 !!

    Same ol...same ol....nothing to see here...move along!
  10. I will remain ....cautiously optimistic for now! Tired of this ride! I want to untether and go out to sea!
  11. Chem Trails Prove Flat Earth 2-Minutes

    So when a plane flies under the flat earth....what does it look the bottom of sod? Or is the plane still upside down?
  12. What's an error of 1 trillion Dinars amongst friends!
  13. This probably happens a lot more than we know......I would do something with it also. What would you do?

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