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  1. Children and my opinion!
  2. The Financial Situation Table For CBI !

    Thanks for the spreadsheet're good at your job!
  3. Thanks for your analysis Synopsis! I'm getting in line right behind you when this deal breaks!
  4. He is going to escape to Iran..........that seems to be trending!
  5. Before you know it....we'll hear from Possum!
  6. Adam Montana Weekly 16 August 2017

    Safe travels and Thanks...... King Cheese!
  7. I think we can.....I think we can........said the little DV Boat!
  8. New CBI Announcement 08/13/2017

    Friday works for me!
  9. Congratulations on #3!
  10. The Kurds are in, then they're out, then there in........don't care...just use Iraqi Dinar for your currency and sell that oil!
  11. Chicken Trump

    I think your trying to "egg" us on Shabs!

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