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  1. Hang Maliki....don't see it on the list!
  2. boosterbglee

    Adam Montana Weekly 18 July 2018

    Ditto all the above DV'ers!
  3. They won't be missed because they were never there most of the time!
  4. Right on the money...Keylime!
  5. boosterbglee

    Adam Montana 4 July 2018

    Thanks Adam...Happy 4th! 🇺🇸
  6. BOTH political parties have created this divisive split and hate in America. I Love this country....Happy Birthday USA!🤠
  7. Too bad we're talking about the USA and not Ali Babba and his 40 thieves in Iraq! Politicians are crooked just about everywhere...sad!
  8. The largest waterpark in the many could there possibly be?
  9. boosterbglee

    Sorry for your loss LGD

    Right back at you Scotty! ❤️
  10. boosterbglee

    Sorry for your loss LGD

    Sorry for your loss LGD........I pray for and wish for better times ahead for your family and church family!
  11. boosterbglee

    Ministry of Finance Cancels Currency Service Section

    All this news.........makes me not want to go to work! 😋
  12. Thanks Yota.....not really sure how they can accomplish anything without a quorum.

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