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  1. I agree with all of the above, so I'll just dance!
  2. Hopefully Shab's has US protection as Maliki's days draw to a quick end!
  3. I see mop up operations the rest of the month! JMO!
  4. Because of all the non guru people above that have offered their perspective and thoughts! Money well spent in my opinion just for peace of mind.
  5. Keep knocking them out!
  6. Thanks Adam.....appreciate the time you give to us!
  7. So sorry to hear many "followers" and wishful thinkers have passed sad they did not see the end of this Dinar journey!
  8. I hope these poor sports that are leaking stuff.......don't leak something that could really put our security in jeopardy! JMO!
  9. Iraq needs to take care of ASAP, before he brings the country down again with his crooked party and links to Iran and Iran militias! JMO....getting so tired of this......will this ever end? I hope to never hear another thing about Iraq in the future...after RV of course!
  10. What's the difference between racist and sectarian? This country is really messed up! JMO!
  11. Thanks and good morning Yota!