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  1. Need Help if anyone can do a Rain dance

    Thanks for sharing PP..... we're all behind you!
  2. Breaking News from the NFL...

    Maybe they should direct their protests at Domestic Violence...seems to be a more appropriate platform to protest!
  3. Adam Montana Weekly 18 October 2017

    Thanks Adam! Sorry about your Packers!
  4. Thanks Thugs! Remove exchange restrictions...I like the sound of that!
  5. I believe what Mattis is saying..........
  6. Sooooo...two questions.....who is the US backing? We have armed both sides, we have our military on both sides....when will the "friendly fire" escalate?
  7. We really don't know what's going on .......I can't fathom they would finish one war and start another....they must have a huge war chest of other countries money!
  8. Seems so simple......why can't they get that through their thick heads!
  9. Silly Smiles

    Love everything your posting Rod......the Med's are working!
  10. Silly Smiles

    Nice to see you Rod!
  11. Adam Montana Weekly 11 October 2017

    Thanks King Cheesehead!
  12. Welcome to the World Cutie!

  13. Get the Flock back here and start Fracking!

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