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  1. What about paying "The Ministry of Waiting"................
  2. Jones Wins In Alabama

    Well said Jim.....both parties are mirror images of each other, using the tactics that put them in position to begin with. Good people normally don't want anything to do with the slime of politics! JMO! Sail on DV'ers!
  3. Silly Smiles

    Watt did you say? "I" can't hear you!
  4. Done...Just Waiting For The Official Public Release.

    Good Morning ....all signs are pointing UP.....Chuck!
  5. Someday all of us DV'ers will get together, and we will all be bald from ripping our hair out waiting for these morons to agree on anything! Arghhhhh! A boatload of baldies!
  6. Someone needs to take Maliki out, before he can cause more problems for all of Iraq.......
  7. "the last one"...........................aye caramba!
  8. Iraq Is Going To Attract Big Investors !

    I'm on the "verge" of burningly chair!
  9. CBI News 12/13/2017

    A lot of subtle action recently, on the outside....move on, nothing to see here, but peel the onion back......hmmmm......I could cry!
  10. Not sure how they can have a military parade without the Kurdish troops! another poke in the eye of the Kurds if this is true ! go RV!
  11. GM Synopsis! If the World Bank is optimistic and your optimistic ....let’s roll!

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