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  1. 12-10-2017 My little Elves

    Sweet Angels
  2. 12-10-2017 Santa's little helper

    Precious .
  3. 12-10-2017 Santa's Ladies

    Oh my..... Just saw this. "SO HAPPY FOR YOU" Congrats on your beautiful family. XO MIT
  4. Rockabye

  5. Delta - Breaking Currency Auction News !

    Thank you Thug.......
  6. Gene Simmons Banned For Life From Fox News

    I have never understood the fascination with men to treat women with disrespect and like sexual objects. I have learned, especially from my wife, to say the following, "You are right, I am wrong...I am sorry...please forgive me." I guess that is what 25 years of marriage will do to a guy married to a Type-A personality, strong-willed woman. Indy are both good and smart men. Your wives are lucky to have you.
  7. I have been slumming.

    Everyone's asking the same thing.....Where's Bac Doc ????? BackDoc is a very knowledgable researcher. A christian man, a very decent man, kind and very respectful. He was a member at KTFA . It's my understanding that Frank silenced him. Frank doesn't like competition or anyone stealing his thunder.Back Doc was getting too much attention and had a better handle on what was going on. People where turning to him for comments and advice. So out of respect for Frank he stopped talking which is a shame cause the man is smart. Not only does he understand the dinar but how the world currencies game is played.The strategies that take place and how they effect the changes. He's way ahead of the game and Frank found him threatening . Frank's an Ahole, self centered, egotistic, drama queen who needs to be front and center or else. It;s a shame cause we need more Bac Docs in the dinar community sharing what they know.
  8. I have been slumming.

    This is the famous Dr. Clarke . AKA.....mountaingoat . I believe. He's been sharing his opinion on the dinar for quite some time now. Has never been right. But heres to hoping that he is this time around.
  9. Question about the VND

    Move over just a little bit . You're hogging up all the space .I need some elbow room. Im here right beside you. LOL
  10. Stopped receiving new threads and posts.

    It's all GOOD Im now getting all my updates.
  11. Stopped receiving new threads and posts.

    Ok guys so I also have a Gmail account and I have now switch all of my DV stuff to it . Lets see if it works........I'll let you know.
  12. Hi Mod's Im on the "following" lists on these topics VIP, OSI, VND, IRAN . My problem is that I've stopped receiving anything that gets posted . I tried removing myself and then adding myself back in thinking that maybe it was a glitch in the system but nothing. Don't know if you can help me with this but I thought I'd try just the same. Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide. MIT
  13. McDonalds menu-1972

    Those were the days........
  14. CBI News 10/26/2017

    This means they're in business ........"international".......

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