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  1. As security improves, Iraq banks seek a rebound.

    Thanks Thug and thank you Delta.....this is good news.
  2. Prayer request friends!

  3. Prayer request friends!

  4. Prayer request friends!

    Hey Rod, Just to let you know that Im thinking of you. Prayed hard that everything went smoothly and that you were calm and at peace with the whole ordeal. Now is when the fun part begins.....RECOVERY'll be doing that soon (dancing). Big hug to you MIT
  5. Prayer request friends!

    I will be praying for you Rod. My mom had knee replacement a couple of years ago and she is so glad that she did. Big difference. (she's 78) 2 pieces of advice. #1- take the pain'll need them at first. #2- doing the therapy after the surgery is whats gonna get you back to normal. "DON'T FORGET THIS" "VERY IMPORTANT" The therapy is whats gonna heal you. It will hurt at first but it does get easier. Be strong , stay focused and remember we are all praying for you . Keep us posted. Big hug MIT
  6. Iranian Rial

    Don't forget me.......

    I get It......
  8. Where is God?...


    Thank You my dear sweet friends .....Please pray for a miracle. This will be devastating

    DV friends...... Im asking you all to please send prayers to us here in South Florida. Im in Miami and I know my life is about to change within the next couple of days and not for the better. At this point we need a miracle ! There are a lot of us DV members here living in Florida. Unfortunately for me it looks like I'll be see a direct hit. Please pray Thank You MIT
  11. DSCN3563.JPG

    OH WOW ........Thats great news....Congratulation So happy for you all.......
  12. Jerry Lewis, Mercurial Comedian and Filmmaker, Dies at 91

    I was 4 years old , living in Mexico at the time when my mother took me to the movies to see The Nutty Professor. OMG .....I had such a crush on Buddy Love. Have LOVED Jerry ever since . He's always been my all time favorite.
  13. Question about the VND

    MOakes: O n Wednesday's call I believe Delta mentioned that the Dong may "eventually" come up to 5 cents.In searching the value of the Dong, I found that in 1954 it was valued at 9 cents to the USD. So if my figures are correct 1 million Dong would be equal to $90,000 in USD.In my opinion, the way the Vietnamese economy is now and the future is even brighter, we may see a much higher exchange rate in the future than it was in 1954. JUST THOUGHT THIS WAS AN INTERESTING OPINION PIECE ........THOUGHT I'D SHARE IT WITH YOU ALL.

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