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  1. Yep and by the looks of it they seem far from stable
  2. Its going to take an act from God to fix them people, js.
  3. They are a bunch of kids attempting to govern their country while at the same time it is falling into the abyss. I guess you cant fix stupid.
  4. Iranian Rial

    My thoughts on all of this is if Trump does vote against this and the European Union and lots of other countries are for Iran, how can just one lone country stop all of this? I'm thinking we are still golden. The worst that will happen for us is that we will have to go out of the country to do our exchange.
  5. Are The Cabal & ObamaCare Holding Up The RV?

    Tooooo funny!!! LOL!
  6. Could This Put The RV On Hold After 2018 & Beyond.

    Very doubtful if the powers that be will let Malaki back in power.
  7. Guru Excuses Why No Oct 1st RV. Vote Now.

    #4 cracks me up
  8. Abadi: Prime Minister or Iranian puppet?

    Things that make you hmmm. It has always struck me odd on how and why Abadi hasn't arrested Malaki by now. But then again Abadi has just about eliminated ISIS from Iraq and if Maliki was in power he would have never done that.
  9. Wishful thinking yes but meh who knows, they might surprise us. This would be the perfect time though.
  10. Iranian Rial

    Oh wait this is from April of 2017.
  11. Iranian Rial

    Two years now?
  12. A lot of calling for the HCL in the past few years and yet they don't budge on it. Makes me wonder if and when it will finally get passed.

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