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  1. King Bean you crack me up with all your hilarious pictures!
  2. Simply put, Keywords needs to go and fast before there is nothing left and he funnels all the money to his buddy Malaki.
  3. And tomorrow they will be requesting another 50 billion dollar loan from the world Bank
  4. Ok so whos staying up tonight? That's what I want to know
  5. Its pretty incredible to think that in less than 24 hours we could all be financially well set! Thank you to all who have been contributing to this thread and keeping us all updated.
  6. Amen china and snowglobe. At this point this is all blah blah talk, one of these days or years it will be all action. Hopefully this year they will finally act on all of their talk.
  7. Just more money being stolen into the politicians hands and into Iran.
  8. And I bet he is still stealing from his own country and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.
  9. Jubori and all the other parliament members needs to be booted, nothing has changed since the last parliament that they replaced.
  10. How about voting and pushing the HCL through?!
  11. Thanks Tiger for updating like this!
  12. I have a question about travelling to Dubai, am I going to need any type of vaccines to travel there?