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  1. I agree with Chuck, throw a caretaker government in there for a while and let them rebuild their country. We are going to be waiting for 20 more years to wait for them desert idiots to pass any more laws.
  2. At this point I don't think anything is going to get done or passed until the new goi is voted in. All we can do is hope that the new goi will actually care about their country and will want to pass laws. This current goi are nothing but bums.
  3. Iraq will continue to wanting and getting free handouts as long as they can so the corrupt can buy some nice land in Dubai. Enough is enough and I say don't give them anymore money. So happy that the Trump said no to them for more money.
  4. They are going to get laughed at by the world at this next conference. This is just unreal, the only government in the world that doesn't want to move themselves forward. All due to greed and corruption.
  5. At this point I think this is going to take an act from God to push this through because them monkeys are unable to do this for themselves.

    First time ever for Bloomberg to show the IQD.
  7. Hopefully they will bomb them back to the stone age before they get too big.
  8. CBI News 01/31/2018

    Finally a good banking law that has passed! Thanks Yota
  9. MTN GOAT says we are close

    5.00 the rate? Wow that would be incredible if true!!
  10. They are in no hurry to move their country forward, as long as they are getting paid to show up a few times a month nothing will ever get done.
  11. When oil hits 80 bucks Iraq will say they want 95 a barrel.
  12. I wish we had someone that lived in Iraq on here and that could tell us if this news was true or not.
  13. And does he think he is any better?

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