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  1. Why replace Abadi when it seems like that he's doing a good job?
  2. I'm still reading your articles SB and thanks for keeping up on all of them.
  3. I'm betting on $1.41 the rate
  4. C'mon Iraq if your truly out of chapter 7 sanctions and you are moving your banking system forward there isn't no time to waste! RV your currencey!
  5. Too funny DT!!!
  6. What I don't understand is if their out of full sanctions how come there isn't a huge announcement from the IMF?
  7. Thanks MIT! Excellent post to summarize this.
  8. They're going to have to stop dragging their feet and open up their private sector before this is a lost cause.
  9. This is the only government in the world that gets together just to postpone laws. It's almost like that sign that says free beer tomorrow.