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  1. WheresmyRV?

    BTI 2018 Iraq country report

    1.71 would be fantastic!
  2. Looks like Iran continues its dominance over the Iraqi government.
  3. WheresmyRV?


  4. I thought Sadr didn't want anything to do with Iran and now he's teaming up with Ameri??
  5. WheresmyRV?

    CBI News 06/13/2018

    The red baron is out and about this morning.
  6. What a freaking mess that place is
  7. WheresmyRV?

    Mosul did not fall..I gave it to Daash

    Enough is enough, time to start rounding up the corrupt and send them all to death row!
  8. I can see this whole debacle going on until the end of this year, just seems like it's always something going on to stop the forward progress of this country.
  9. WheresmyRV?

    Iranian Rial

    My only hope is with the IQD now and even then this year looks like its a wash with all the election bs that's been going on, Im thinking its gonna take until the end of the year to finally announce a winner and for them to build their new government.
  10. WheresmyRV?

    Iranian Rial

    I'm selling my Rial on ebay this week, I just don't see this happening in my lifetime as long as that country is run by an evil regime.
  11. Really makes me wonder on how they can be a sovereign country at the rate they work and show up in parliament.

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