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  1. Hopefully part of the celebration of being released from chapter 7 sanctions.
  2. What makes this fair different from the last 20 or so fairs in the past?
  3. I'm not believing it until I see his corpse in a coffin. There has been way too many false articles the past year about him being dead.
  4. I agree with you 100%. If nothing happens with them at the end of this month on getting out of chapter 7 then nothing will happen this year.
  5. If oil is going to drop I sure wish the prices would reflect it. It's been 2.39 for a month now in my neck of the woods.
  6. Maliki is protected by Iran and they cannot touch him.
  7. Too funny Clown!!!
  8. They like to study, review and form 22 committee's before they agree on something then before they do that take a 60 day recess from parliament.
  9. Lord please let this be it!
  10. They been declaring victory for the past 2 months.