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  1. So I guess we should be seeing the auctions end pretty soon?
  2. What awesome news to read first thing in the morning, I definitely was not expecting this!!
  3. CBI News 12/03/2017

    That's incredible! I wish I would have gotten into that when it first came out. I wouldn't have to be waiting forever for Iraq to do their thing!
  4. Someone needs to stuff Sadr's ugly mouth with some pork chops and needs to have his trap shut.
  5. They want it back to 100 bucks a barrel so bad.
  6. To all Dog lovers...

    The love that dogs pour out to us is 100% unconditional love. There is nothing like coming home and seeing my little buddy there waiting for me at the door. I have been blessed to have a yorkie that I rescued from the animal shelter back in 2010. He is absolutely my best four legged friend and I would do almost anything for my little man.
  7. New budgets doesn't get me excited anymore either. Gurus though will pump everyone up saying the new rate is in it though.
  8. Could very well be 2019. I pray not though but you know this is Iraq we are all dealing with.
  9. Delete Zeros Priority !

    When this happens I don't want to read another article about Iraq ever again lol.
  10. CBI News 11/26/2017

    Excellent find Yota, you are the true master at sniffing out all these good articles!
  11. They should go after Malaki and take his money that he stole to pay off Kuwait.
  12. Nine Currencies To Revalue..20 Nov.

    Praying this is true but most likely its all
  13. Possible WTO Meeting Friday

    You and me too Botzwana. I'm really starting to grow tired of all of this.

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