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  1. Imagine .. this could pop anytime.. Post RV .. what a fun ride Haha
  2. 6ly410

    10 Iqd?

    Haha.. banking reform is coming...question is.. when...
  3. 6ly410

    10 Iqd?

    Good question why?.. 😎
  4. 6ly410

    10 Iqd?

    ..what’s up with that 10 dinar note?😎
  5. 6ly410

    10 Iqd?
  6. 6ly410

    Ramadan 2018

    He is preparing for POST RV.. It’s coming.. the central bank has a plan they will move when the time is right. 😎
  7. I know the election are surprising.. but all the good news lately... financial inclusion... visa signing up... national oil company passed... google rate change... Baghdad and the Kurds are getting along great airports back much going on... I don’t know I am still very excited.. could it take much longer? Sure... but Irag wants to rebuild... bring investment in...and then this financial inclusion.... u can’t tell me we have to wait much longer..and also why all the education about banking debit cards Visa cards.. ...and this new government forming.. Sadr fully supporting abadi... of course I thought abadi would have won big time.. but this might work out in our favour.. anyway the central bank done a lot.... I don’t think they gonna stop with currency reform.... GO RV!!
  8. Guys This is gonna be good the corrupt lost half their seats..this is just exciting... wow GO IRAQ!!

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