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  1. Silly Smiles

    Shocking humor!!
  2. Do you still believe that we went to the Moon?

    What do the Star Ship Enterprise and toilet paper have in common? answer: They both circle Uranus looking for Cling-ons!
  3. Which cup fills up first...

    Oh $&@“!! Should’ve had my readers on! Thanks toolman. Would Tim have caught that? Or would Al have to have shown him?
  4. Which cup fills up first...

  5. 1kg=2.2lbs. I'd have suspicious movements too!!
  6. CBI Now Setting New IQD Rate...New UN Rate, 15th.

    And there was DEFINITELY only one Bennyhill!!
  7. CBI Now Setting New IQD Rate...New UN Rate, 15th.

    Loved that show!!
  8. Puppy died

    I got ya Fringe.
  9. Could this be the confirmation Adam was waiting for during his weekly chat today?
  10. Couldn't have said it any better!!
  11. Silly Smiles

    How's this for ultimate (& awkward) red neck hangout?! Where else can you get authentic Uranus fudge?
  12. If it's American rice, it's coming from Riceland in Arkansas. They produce 51% of the world's volume. Great duck hunting land too!!!
  13. 7yr old question...

    Just one?! My family destroys both nose and ears!!!
  14. Deleted Account?

    Thank you Paperboy for helping Moxie!! You have inadvertently helped me as well.

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